Now You Can Grow Your Church Past This Important Attendance Benchmark (Even if you don’t know where to start.)

85% of Churches in North America Never Break This Growth Barrier

Let me ask you if this sounds familiar: you see new faces at your church, but the attendance numbers come in the same, week after week. Maybe it’s 75, or 150, or 250, but no matter how much you try you cannot break past that number.

Well, you’re not alone. I’ve worked with hundreds of pastors over the last 20 years to better understand the plateaus of church growth—and how to break past them.

It’s not about just ‘working harder’ or ‘preaching better.’ And it’s not a gimmicky outreach strategy that gets people in the door but can’t keep them there. Rather, it’s a series of a few tried-and-true changes that will help get you from where you are to where God has called you to be.

Begin Today And Solve the Mystery

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  • The course is $247 USD including:
    • 8 Videos
    • 150 page downloadable workbook for you and your team.
    • 12 licenses, so you can take your entire team through it.
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What If You Broke Through?

Eight Videos

You get eight easy to digest videos designed for you and your team. And you'll get a PDF workbook for you and your team that covers each session.

Practical Advice

This isn't theoretical stuff that leaves you wanting more. You'll get clear action-oriented, real-life tested help with discussion questions and an action plan.

Stop Burnout

Breaking the 200 attendance barrier breaks far too many leaders. This course will show you how to break 200 without burning you out.

What Leaders Are Saying


Breaking 200 is exactly what I need as a leader. In his typical fashion, Carey challenged my thinking while pointing me to practical steps to take to lead my church past the 200 barrier.

From the very first session, I had takeaways to implement to help me and my team reach more people.

- Tim Parsons, Lead Pastor, The Journey church


Carey is a leader of leaders. His podcast, books and teachings have had a profound impact on my life and leadership.

-Mark Batterson, National Community Church


In the church we often ask the question "How do I go there, from here?"

No matter what your "there" or "here" is, this course clearly lays out the principles to learn that will take you further, and the barriers that must be overcome for your church to live out the vision of reaching people with Jesus.

-Brian McNarry, Grand Valley Community Church

Reach More People. Develop Great Leaders. Stop Doing Everything Yourself.

Whether you lead a team of 10 or a team of 1, you need the skill & insight to break through the next growth barrier. 

I’ve distilled everything you need to know into 8 jam-packed video lessons that will turn a big endeavor into bite-sized pieces.

Best of all, it’s not about doing more—it’ll teach you to grow your volunteers and staff into great leaders that will help your church develop healthy & sustainable growth.

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Eight Practical Sessions to Get You Past 200 and Beyond

  1. Structure Bigger to Grow Bigger

  2. The Pastor Who Does Everything

  3. Scaling Pastoral Care

  4. Finding the Right Leaders

  1. Building Teams That Lead

  2. Aligning Your Church

  3. A New Way To Make Decisions

  4. Stop Making Excuses

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