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CNLP 148: Jim Wideman on Staffing the Hardest (and Most Important) Position in Your Church

Where do you get your people?

It’s one of the top questions leaders of growing churches get asked.

After the senior pastor, one of the most important positions in any church these days is actually a surprise. Jim Wideman explains what staffing is in high demand and why.

Welcome to Episode 148 of the podcast.

Jim Wideman

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3 Insights from This Episode

1. Be curious. 

What if every time you walked into a room of strangers you thought: “Each person here knows something I don’t, and I can’t wait to talk to them.” That’s what Jim does, and it’s a key recruitment tactic. He embraces networking, not just to get what he wants, but to learn about people and listen to them.

Lots of hiring comes from the simple practice of getting to know people. You might get to know some great people and hire them. Or, your great people might know of other great people and refer them to you. Let others know that you have an open opportunity to serve.

2. If your leadership pipeline is empty, it’s up to you to change it. 

Plain and simple: If you don’t have leaders you can call upon, then you need to develop more leaders.

How do you start? Look for the people who are excelling and give them opportunity. Look for your outstanding volunteers. Look at the people on staff who are passionate about pushing the vision forward. Invite them to sit in on conversations and meetings. Talk to them beforehand about what they’re going to see, and then grab a meal afterwards and debrief.

When you start growing as a leader, you’ll spend more and more time developing other than planning programs or setting strategy.

3. Don’t just hire people like you.

It’s natural to hire people who are just like us. Or, people that we just like in general. But each position on your team requires a unique skillset and personality. How will they work with their leader? How will they work with parents? Do they prefer a team or individual setting? Use a personality test to figure out the unique need of your team, Jim recommends the Right Path Tests.

Beyond personality dynamic and hard skills, pay attention to their personal lives. How are they doing spiritually? What kind of parent are they? What’s their personal philosophy on managing money? All of these things matter when finding the right people for your team.

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CNLP 148: Jim Wideman on Staffing the Hardest (and Most Important) Position in Your Church

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  1. Erin on July 12, 2017 at 1:11 am

    What are some ways you support the NextGen Ministries from the platform? Is it enough to just hire the right person? Our church never mentions our children’s ministry at all. We are struggling to gain new volunteers, but I am not sure anyone even cares the ministry is out there. So I am curious how it all works together.

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