So…how do you know when it’s time to quit? Few people are better positioned to talk about it than William Vanderbloemen, who deals with staff and churches in transition every day. William shares some amazing insights on when you should stay and when you should go.

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3 Things from This Episode

Wouldn’t it be great if we could build something with the heart of the Kingdom and the best practices of the corporate world? That was William Vanderbloemen’s thought when he combined his career in both ministry and the corporate world and founded the Vanderbloemen Search Group. The Vanderbloemen Search Group helps place pastors and staff with churches and organizations. William has spent countless hours talking with people who are searching for their Next and he’s gained incredible insight through the process that he’s sharing with us today.

Here are three takeaways from my conversation with William:

1. At some point, we all leave. It doesn’t matter if you’re thinking about leaving your current role or you’re blissfully employed—at some point it’s time for all of us to leave. It can be hard to figure out the difference between being called to leave and simply going through a bad season. One thing is always certain though: If it’s God’s call, it’ll get louder…not softer.

When the time does come to leave, you’ll need to figure out how. Listen to the full episode for William’s tips on getting the ‘how’ in place.

2. Sometimes people leave too soon. This is the number one situation the Vanderbloemen Search Group encounters with pastors and staff. Specifically as preachers, we lay it all out on the line on Sunday and it’s followed by a natural energy dip. When Monday comes, you’re fair game for the enemy convincing you to quit when it’s really time to hang in there.

It may feel like you are 10 minutes away from quitting, but William has found that when people quit—they were usually about 10 minutes away from a breakthrough.

3. Sometimes people stay too long. If you have the gifting to be a pastor and/or a public speaker, it’s a rare and unique. However our greatest strengths, unguarded, are our greatest weaknesses. The same voice that whispers into the ear of pastors telling them that they should preach has a shadow, and it tells them: you have one more year left in you.

Usually the Pastor is the last person in the room to know that it’s time to leave. They may be lacking in results, vision or passion. Often Pastors who have stayed too long fill their time doing things other people could do. Board Members can help their pastor by regularly asking: Where do you see your future and the church’s future? What do you do that you and you alone can do?

Pastors and staff build their lives around the church, which makes it difficult and emotional to leave even when they know it’s time. In these moments, think beyond the local church and ask: What can I do for the Kingdom at a whole? Remember, The Holy Spirit never just calls you away from something, and it never just calls you to something—it’s a both/and.


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CNLP 114: William Vanderbloemen on How to Know When It’s Time to Quit

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