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CNLP 137: Justin Dean on the Future Church in the Online World

Note: The first time we posted this episode we made a mistake in uploading the first interview I did with Justin back in 2016 on his time at Mars Hill Church in Seattle. Great interview, but not the right one this time!

The proper episode is now live here. If you downloaded Episode 137 on your phone or device on the day it came out, delete it off your phone or device and redownload it to get the right episode. Thanks! And our apologies. 

So what are you not doing online that you should be doing? What are you doing that you may want to stop? And where is online church heading in the future?

Justin Dean joins Carey for a far-reaching conversation about the future church in the online world.

Welcome to Episode 137 of the podcast.

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5 Leadership Lessons from the Dissolution of Mars Hill Church

3 Insights from This Episode

 1. Consider the online experience you want to deliver. 

Justin told us that at one point in time for Mars Hill Church, for every 1 person who attended church in person, there were 20 people watching online.

On last week’s episode, Steve Fogg told us to never be surprised at who and how you reach people online. For Mars Hill Church, they were getting tons of people tuning in each week… but they didn’t want their online church to just be a replacement for attending a local church. Instead of delivering a straight-forward online church experience, they customized it to fit with their church’s mission and passion.

The experience they delivered still connected with people, but it encouraged them to get involved with their local church. There’s no telling how many people are doing some incredible things in the local church thanks to Mars Hill Church online.

2. Context is never an excuse. 

Mars Hill Church was a megachurch both in person and online. And they were based out of the Pacific Northwest—one of the most unchurched regions in the US. And still, God showed up in a big way.

When God calls you, you have to put your excuses away as to why something won’t work. And when we mess things up…we have to put our excuses away then, too. Because God is bigger than context.

3. Always know your why. And communicate it to others.

As the Communications Director of Mars Hill Church, Justin learned that you always need to know your why. If you don’t know that then you need to stop everything and go back to the beginning of asking ‘why?’

And when you and your staff all know your why, it’s still only step 1. Step 2 is openly and transparently communicating it to others. And if you’re unable to communicate certain things to them, meet them halfway with empathy and remind them of the bigger vision.

Quotes from This Episode

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CNLP 137: Justin Dean on the Future Church in the Online World

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