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5 Signs Your Insecurity Is Ruining The Future

What happens when you’re no longer the leader of whatever you lead? Will your church, ministry, or department grow? Will it implode? Will it shrink back to some smaller version of itself now that your awesome leadership is missing? If you want to know one of the conversations that will dominate the next decade of…

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ultimate character test

The Ultimate Character Test Any Great Leader Passes

The longer I lead and the more I see, the more I’m convinced that character ultimately determines a leader’s true success. Moral failure takes out more leaders than it should. But real success is deeper than just avoiding the ditch. So where does the deepest level of leadership success come from? Ultimately it doesn’t come from a…

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How to Lose at Success

I twittered about something a few days ago and it generated more of a reaction than I anticipated.  This is simply what the tweet said: The greatest threat to your dependence on God is your current success. Most of us feel our need for God most deeply when we are up against a big obstacle.…

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