CNLP 097: Young and Burning Out — How Grant Vissers Crashed in Year One of Ministry But Found New Life

At 25, Grant Vissers, a newlywed and fresh graduate of Princeton, started ministry at two small rural churches with his wife Konnie, and within a few months started burning out. He talks about how it happened, why it happened, and how he battled back to continue ministry in a fresh context with fresh passion (and new wisdom).

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3 Things You Can Do Right Away

Grant speaks candidly about how burnout affected his health, his marriage and his passion for ministry. Once he recognized how an unhealthy environment was extinguishing his faith, he took steps to ignite the fire he once had to serve Christ.

  1. Seek counseling. Processing your issue with someone outside of the church gives you a different perspective to your problem. No matter how painful or challenging that step may be, when you recognize something isn’t right, you need to walk with someone who can speak into your life.
  2. Have a conversation with your team. Be bold enough to say something doesn’t feel right. Take a humble approach to recognize that something is happening on both sides, and don’t make it into a blame game. Sit down and have an honest conversation.
  3. Know you’re not alone. Ministry can be tremendously isolating. You can get lonely, but the biggest thing is to realize is that you’re not the only person going through your current experience. When you start to reach out, you’ll find solace in knowing that others have similar stories.

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CNLP 097: Young and Burning Out — How Grant Vissers Crashed in Year One of Ministry But Found New Life

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  1. Joshua Hamilton on July 19, 2016 at 10:12 am

    Awesome point of view but I’d love to hear her side as well. It would be so important to hear his wife’s viewpoint and hear her perspective to better help us husbands see our wives’ point of view. Thanks!

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