CNLP 084: Leading a Rapidly Growing Turn Around Church at Age 29: An Interview with Brent Ingersoll

Leading a turnaround church is tough.

Leading it after the previous leader experienced moral failure is even harder.

Doing it all at age 29 makes the story remarkable. Brent Ingersoll stepped directly from student ministry into the senior leader’s chair where he’s led the church to rapid growth and expansion in an area in which few churches are growing. Here’s Brent Ingersoll’s story.

Welcome to Episode 84 of the Podcast.


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3 Things You Can Do Right Away

In his late 20s, Brent became the lead pastor of a church that was on the decline after irreconcilable conflicts with the former pastor. From his experience, Brent walks us through the steps he took to develop a team, grow his ministry and hang on to faith in the process.

  1. Let God go to work. Brent was thrown into a situation where the only resource he had was God. When you’re in the midst of a difficult season, recognize that God will pour out His grace, and trust that He wants to do amazing things through you. Don’t try to rush through the turmoil or dust it under the rug. Let God do what He’s supposed to do. Brent says to “let the wrecking ball hit,” and once the dust settles, you’ll have a huge opportunity to make lasting changes. Your church will be listening, and they’re ready.
  1. Understand risks related to growth. Expect attendance to turnover, but don’t take it personally. People are going to leave, yet others will want to see what’s new. People are still finding Jesus, and their families are excited about it. Brent says he sees a lot of new generation Christians in his church, and word-of-mouth has been the biggest influencer. Give people something good to talk about.
  1. Embrace risk and trust God. Brent’s turbulent season allowed him to recapture a vulnerable level of open-handed faithfulness. Remember, you can only say yes to what God wants you to do, and success is as big of a test as suffering. Take hold of God and keep your hands open, not allowing yourself to lose faith in His will. Live within calculated risks where God has to show up. If there’s no place for God to show up and do something, you’re not exercising faith. Give Him the chance to work for you, because the pressure is on God. It’s His church.

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CNLP 084: Leading a Rapidly Growing Turn Around Church at Age 29: An Interview with Brent Ingersoll


  1. Benjer McVeigh on April 22, 2016 at 1:37 pm

    Seriously, one of the most helpful interviews I’ve heard in a long time, especially related to his advice at the end. Thanks!

  2. RWilliams on April 20, 2016 at 9:56 am

    Wow! Thank you thank you thank you for this podcast!

    I have been the youth pastor at a growing church for the past three years under a passionate, extremely gifted lead pastor. We have seen over two hundred come to Christ and the church has grown from around 75 to a little over 300 in a four year span.

    Recently, our lead pastor abruptly resigned and left the ministry with many unanswered questions and many hurt people. I have been asked to step in to the interim position, and this podcast was so very helpful and applicable to our current situation. Just wanted to encourage you and say thank you so much for your ministry! Appreciate you Carey!

    • Carey Nieuwhof on April 21, 2016 at 5:37 am

      This is amazing. It’s so great to see how God uses one story to empower and encourage others. Thanks R and best wishes.

  3. Greg Hemmings on April 20, 2016 at 1:15 am

    Awesome interview! Great work Brent, you are doing amazing things man. I was there as a visitor the day the news was shared with your congregation when you read the resignation letter. So glad to hear this event has not derailed the mission of King’s Valley

  4. 502055743 on April 19, 2016 at 2:59 am


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