CNLP 080: How to Have An Awesome Marriage AND Still Be An Awesome Leader. An Interview with Dr. Kim Kimberling

Leadership is hard to begin with. But leaders also need to lead at home. Can you be an awesome leader AND have an awesome marriage?

Marriage expert Dr. Kim Kimberling has an honest conversation about marriage and leadership.

Welcome to Episode 80 of the podcast.


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3 Things You Can Do Right Away

Finding the balance between your marriage and your ministry poses a unique set of issues not every relationship experiences. Dr. Kim Kimberling offers his wisdom and experience into finding resolutions to the problems that threaten the integrity of marriage.

  1. Put God first. It sounds like common sense, but how are you making your relationship with Him a priority? We need to tell God that we want to use our eyes, ears and words to honor Him first. Then, ask God what it means to be a servant to your spouse. You have to surrender yourself to those priorities every day because the biggest thing our culture struggles with is selfishness. You have to decide how to put God first without going through the motions. Be purposeful in giving God all that you have because when your relationship with Him is good, it’s easy to put your spouse next.
  2. Guard your heart and mind. In an information-first world with technology at our fingertips, the internet offers so many distractions. Pornography is being justified through the “everybody’s doing it” excuse. We have to realize that God gave us everything we need for sex with the bodies He gave us, and sex within a marriage gives you the possibility to connect not just physically, but spiritually.
  3. Take divorce off the table. There have been more divorces in the first year of marriage than ever before because couples look at it as too convenient of an option. But you have to remove it from the equation and then weigh your options. God wants to bless your marriage, so what does that leave you with? Many times, you’ll need counseling, but start with prayer. It doesn’t have to be something done out loud; you can do it silently next to one another. From there, you’ll be guided in how you choose your battles, and the root of the problem begins to surface.

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CNLP 080: How to Have An Awesome Marriage AND Still Be An Awesome Leader. An Interview with Dr. Kim Kimberling

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