CNLP 008: Are Contemporary Churches Losing Their Edge in a Changing Culture? – An Interview with Rich Birch

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Are contemporary churches really that contemporary anymore, or are we fooling ourselves?

In today’s podcast, Rich Birch, one of the most forward looking church leaders around today, looks at the rapid cultural changes happening in North America and talks about how church leaders can do a better job of advancing the mission of the church as we move into the future.

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Welcome to Episode 8 of the podcast.

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Just for my listeners, Rich is giving away a free copy of his e-book, Effective Announcements: Leverage 5 Minutes in Every Church Service to Move People to Action. You can check out a special link on his website at

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3 Things You Can Do Right Away

Rich says that churches need to engage more with their communities. They must actively reach out to those outside of their primary demographic if they want to appeal to other groups. Here are three things you can do now:

1. Bring younger leaders around you. If you look around the room you lead in and majority of the people are the same age as you, you have a problem. Deliberately push the age down and find younger leaders to help you, especially with programming and creative. Consider starting an internship program to provide a recurring opportunity for you to invest in young leaders while also learning from the next generation.

2. Get in relationship with leaders further along than you. There may be a leader with a larger church or someone who achieved success with an aspect of their mission, such as reaching unchurched people. Contact leaders you respect and ask for an opportunity to pick their brain over lunch. Most people are generous and willing to share their time and wisdom if asked.

3. Ask more questions. What music caters to your target demographic? What language to they speak? The small things make the biggest difference. You love your church’s music, but the community may not. Don’t be afraid to experiment. What you think is contemporary may not be. Also, discover the demographics of the families in your community. From the point of view of pastoral leadership, your church needs to be ready for the current state of your community. Ask yourself, “How can my church do a better job serving non-traditional families in my community, such as single parents and their kids?”

Quotes to Share from Rich

CNLP 008: Are Contemporary Churches Losing Their Edge in a Changing Culture? – An Interview with Rich Birch Click To Tweet CNLP 008: Are Contemporary Churches Losing Their Edge in a Changing Culture? – An Interview with Rich Birch Click To Tweet CNLP 008: Are Contemporary Churches Losing Their Edge in a Changing Culture? – An Interview with Rich Birch Click To Tweet CNLP 008: Are Contemporary Churches Losing Their Edge in a Changing Culture? – An Interview with Rich Birch Click To Tweet CNLP 008: Are Contemporary Churches Losing Their Edge in a Changing Culture? – An Interview with Rich Birch Click To Tweet

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Next Episode: Jon Acuff

Why is it that so many of us struggle with work? Does everyone have a dream job? And does social media and leadership make you narcissistic?

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