CNLP 070: A Nitty Gritty Guide To Social Media with North Point’s Dave Adamson

How does North Point do social media?

Dave Adamson walks us into the strategy North Point Church in Atlanta has adopted. Dave gets into very specific details AND—best of all—makes super helpful suggestions for churches with no staff and resources or leaders who are just getting started.

Welcome to Episode 70 of the Podcast.


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3 Things You Can Do Right Away

  1. Let your structure determine your approach to social. For some churches, one account across all locations or ministries will be enough. In other churches, each campus or ministry may want its own account. Your structure should determine your social media approach. Dave manages the social media accounts for North Point and its campuses, and he emphasizes the importance of each church getting its own voice. “Although it creates a lot more work, it makes the social experience more personal.”
  2. Leverage your volunteers. This is ideal if your church doesn’t have a huge budget. If you know someone with a gift for photography, graphic design or writing, ask if they’d like to contribute to the ministry on social media. With multiple accounts, and in some cases, multiple campuses, you want to ensure that you’re equipping your online reputation with enough people who can post and respond to those you’re trying to reach.
  3. Create content that people want to share. You want people to connect with your message, so you want to create content that’s relevant, but make it something that relates to your mission. The goal is to get people to interact, because social media shouldn’t be seen as a megaphone. It’s a telephone that requires a two-way conversation. So many times we want to “ask” our audience to do things for us, but you have to give to keep them engaged. You want to be helpful, be inspirational and be practical.

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CNLP 070: A Nitty Gritty Guide To Social Media with North Point’s Dave Adamson

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