CNLP 063: Stepping Into the Senior Leader’s Chair – An Interview with Tim Guptill

Ever wonder what it’s like to become the senior leaders in an organization?

Ever wonder what it’s like to succeed a successful leader who’s been there for 44 years?

Tim Guptill has done both, and tells the story of how he stepped into the senior leader’s role of the largest church in Eastern Canada after his predecessor retired after over four decades.

Welcome to Episode 63 of the Podcast.


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Moncton Wesleyan Church

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3 Things You Can Do Right Away

Tim made the transition into senior leadership of a church whose pastor left a 44-year legacy. He tells us how he grew through vulnerability and persevered.

  1. Find security through your calling. You have to be good enough to recognize that who you are following brought great attributes to the church and the community. You’re taking a foundation and putting it in a fragile environment, no matter how solid the pastor and his formal work was. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed during a transition of leadership. The congregation is anxious about the future of their church, and you’ll want to question everything. Listen to your calling, and be faithful to God.
  2. Stand behind your mission, vision and strategy. It’s going to take the congregation time to detach from the former leader, so establishing clarity will help tremendously. Tim had to emphasize that the message wasn’t going to change, but he established a new way to express it. “Ask the church to hang in there and give it a chance,” Tim says. “You can still honor the former leader in an honest way and build from what he has done.”
  3. Prepare yourself spiritually. Whatever height of leadership you hope to achieve, make a similar move spiritually. Your leadership height won’t exceed your spiritual depth. As great as a leader Tim wanted to be, he realized he had to go deep into his spiritual roots. Allow yourself to be a learner, find a mentor and read. If you want to be good at what you do, you have to grow in different realms of leadership.

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  1. […] side note – Tim and I have actually never met in person. Our connection began in 2016 when he was a guest on one of my favorite podcasts. We connected over Twitter and chatted over Skype, as I was navigating a difficult season in my […]

  2. Oliver Beans on December 4, 2015 at 9:40 am

    Carey and Tim,
    This was fascinating. Thank you!

  3. Taka Iguchi on November 24, 2015 at 8:15 pm

    Man, this was one of my favorite episodes! Thanks for being transparent about your transition into the role and the lessons you learned while transitioning the church. So many good thoughts throughout!

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