CNLP 006: How to Grow Your Small, Mid-sized or Large Church By Effectively Positioning Your Team —An Interview with Tony Morgan

Ever wonder what helps and hinders the growth of your church or organization?

You’re not alone.

In this episode, we reveal how your volunteer and staff team can hinder your church from growing, or how a great team can fuel its growth—whether you’re involved in a very small church or a very large one.

Tony Morgan, the Chief Strategic Officer and founder of The Unstuck Group, helps churches get unstuck so they can make a bigger impact.

Tony takes a direct, strategic approach to advising churches on establishing leadership so they can take their ministries to the next step.

And today, he’ll help you figure out how to help your church grow to the next level by dealing with the team issues many leaders have difficulty sorting out.

Welcome to Episode 6 of the podcast.


Guest Links: Tony Morgan

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Tony Morgan Live (Tony’s website)

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The Unstuck Group on Facebook.

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Links Mentioned in This Episode

The links and resources mentioned in this episode include:

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Toby Lyles & TwentyFourSound (Audio Producer for the Carey Nieuwhof Leadership Podcast)

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Simply Strategic Volunteers: Empowering People for Ministry by Tony Morgan and Tim Stevens

Simply Strategic Stuff: Help for Leaders Drowning in the Details of Running a Church by Tony Morgan and Tim Stevens

Stuck in a Funk?: How to Get Your Church Moving Forward by Tony Morgan (also referred to as the Leisure Suit series)

3 Things You Can Do Right Away

Tony touched on a few ways leaders can take the lid off their organization’s capacity to grow. Here are 3 things you can start doing now to help your church transition to the next level:

  1. Search for leaders with gifts and abilities that don’t mirror your own. Work to have your team reflect the same variety and design of the body of Christ. Don’t try to reproduce yourself because you don’t need additional versions of you. You need team members and leaders who bring things to the table that you don’t possess. This helps bring balance and excellence to your organization.

  2. Identify other leaders for roles of influence. To grow, don’t just find the person who most loves the ministry. Find the leader who inspires and equips other people to love the ministry. You shouldn’t and cannot be the only person carrying the responsibility of leadership if you want grow. This includes both the mission that needs to be accomplished and the care we need to provide to our team and congregation.

  3. Spend time with a leader who is one stage ahead. Find a leader you can call, have coffee with or otherwise meet with whose organization or church is one or two steps ahead of yours. As you get to know them, figure out what they did to get from where they were to where they are now.

Quotes to Share from Tony

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Next Episode: Ted Cunningham and a Contest!

Next week we’ll hear from well-known author, pastor and speaker Ted Cunningham.

Ted and talk about how leaders and parents should approach the growing phenomenon of delayed adolescence. Why is it that so many young adults in their 20s and even 30s are still reliant on parents for help and have an ambivalent attitude about work?

Ted provides fascinating insights to church leaders and parents about how to ensure kids grow up ready to enter life, and for young leaders about how to take on more responsibility than their peers might be ready to embrace.

That’s next Tuesday on the podcast.

PLUS, I’ll be launching our first ever listener contest. Details coming next week on Episode 7. Don’t miss it!

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  1. Daniel B on October 30, 2014 at 4:01 pm

    Hey Carey, once again love the blog & podcasts. You guys mentioned that some leaders can lead 10’s, some 100’s, & some 1000’s. How do you know which type you are if you are just starting out in ministry? I’ve been in full time student ministry for a little over a year.

  2. Tim Stewart on October 28, 2014 at 9:44 am

    I am registered as the Senior Leader to bring our group to the Orange Tour in Dallas. I would like to participate in the Senior Leader lunch. How do I sign up for the lunch?

    • Carey Nieuwhof on October 29, 2014 at 8:01 am

      Hey Tim…that’s awesome! We’ll announce details in the main session before lunch. Just come on over. it’s included with your admission. Looking forward to meeting you.

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