Some church leaders love pastoral care, others don’t. But everyone needs it.

Author, speaker and former New Spring Pastoral Care Coordinator Beth Marshall explains how handling pastoral care well can make or break the growth of your church and your health as a leader.

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Beth has been kind enough to provide FREE resources from Grief Survivor to listeners of this podcast. Whether you’re trying to avoid burnout or looking to lead a grief support group, this curriculum is invaluable to any team or organization!  Check it out right here.

Things You Can Do Right Away

Have you ever wondered why 90% of churches never reach the 200 attendance mark? Beth Marshall tells us how to promote the growth of your ministry by scaling pastoral care.

  1. Change your cell phone number. When too many have your cell phone number, you’re compromising boundaries. Even if you turn it off, you’ll feel obligated to return missed calls, check voice mails and respond to texts. You’ll never feel like you’ll have a moment of genuine peace if too many people are able to contact you at their convenience.
  2. Reallocate pastoral responsibilities. Depending on the size of your church, top leaders will not be able to go to every funeral or officiate every wedding. It’s unrealistic, so utilize your volunteers and develop leadership within small groups. Volunteers have the capacity to care for others in time of need. Those will be people who bring dinner, who will be there when you have a death in the family. Most people just want someone to care for them, and your small groups will step up in critical moments if you equip them to do so.
  3. Tell somebody and share the problem. Set aside your pride, and admit that you can’t do it all. Tell someone you trust, and take baby steps to address the problem. Upper levels of management or ministry can be a lonely place. Whether you need to get more sleep or want to start a new exercise regimen, gradually make changes in your like to ensure that you stay refreshed for the longevity of your ministry. It’s ok if you don’t do everything at once.

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CNLP 058: Beth Marshall on How Pastoral Care Grows and Kills Churches and Leaders

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