Episode 564: Gretchen Rubin on Why Rebels Plant Churches, Clerking for the US Supreme Court, Picking Yourself, How to Increase Your Energy and Be Happier

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New York Times Bestselling author and podcaster Gretchen Rubin talks about the four tendencies, why rebels plant churches, clerking for the US Supreme Court and Sandra Day O’Connor, picking yourself, and how to increase your energy and be happier.

Welcome to Episode 564 of the podcast. Listen and access the show notes below or search for the Carey Nieuwhof Leadership Podcast on Apple Podcasts or wherever you get your podcasts and listen for free.

Gretchen Rubin

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Next Episode: Mark Batterson

Mark Batterson is the lead pastor of National Community Church in Washington, D.C. One church in multiple locations, NCC owns and operates Ebenezers Coffeehouse, the Miracle Theatre, the DC Dream Center, and the Capital Turnaround. Mark is the New York Times bestselling author of twenty-three books, including The Circle Maker, In a Pit with a Lion on a Snowy Day, Whisper, and Win the Day.

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Carey Nieuwhof

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