CNLP 536: Brian Clark on How to Attract and Keep an Audience, Why Email Still Outperforms Social Media 40:1, How to Write Better Headlines, and War Stories from the Early Days of Copyblogger

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Copyblogger founder, Brian Clark, talks about how to attract and keep an audience, why email still outperforms social media 40:1, the power of curation and how anyone can do it, how to write better headlines, and war stories from the early days of Copyblogger and

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Have you ever thought: “Nobody actually gives stock.”

This is a HUGE misconception in the giving space today. Your donors WANT to give stock, because it’s the most tax efficient way to give—they just don’t want to jump through hoops to do so.

Overflow is an online software that empowers donors to easily give stock donations to churches and non-profits within minutes, not months.

You see, 90% of US wealth is in non-cash assets (like stock). Churches that ONLY accept cash donations leave a generosity gap. Overflow is here to help bridge that gap.

The average cash donation in the US is just $128, but the average stock donation through Overflow is over $10,000.

Unlock more giving channels this season. Visit to learn more about year-end pricing and download their free stock giving guide.

Future Forward Churches

Pastoral transitions are inevitable for every church. Unfortunately, a lot of the time they don’t go well.

I’ve known Lee Kricher for years and he navigated a very successful one. He’s got a brand new book that is going to help you with this. Seamless Pastoral Transition is a book that can help you navigate a pastoral transition without negatively impacting the momentum, continuity, or the mission of your church.

It contains some great insights about three transitional imperatives that are really critical to address, and six pastoral transition pitfalls to avoid that can jettison your leadership transition.

If you’re a church leader, one of your highest priorities has to be succession.

You can get Lee’s book, Seamless Pastoral Transition and other free pastoral transition resources, simply by going to That’s

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Next Episode: Tyler Staton

Tyler Staton talks about the transition between John Mark Comer and him as lead pastor of Bridgetown Church, 3 kinds of biblical discernment that can help you figure out a call, and why prayer is more important than message prep.

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