CNLP 051: The Nerdist’s Guide to Awesome Social Media for Your Church or Organization—An Interview with NewSpring’s Chris Dunagan

Almost everyone has a social media presence these days, but how do you make it awesome?

NewSpring Church’s Social Media Director Chris Dunagan explains, in super helpful detail, their approach to social media and how to truly connect with the people you’re trying to impact.

Welcome to Episode 51 of the Podcast.


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3 Things You Can Do Right Away

Chris Dunagan sought opportunities to connect audiences with the gospel through social media. These are some of his tips for producing successful platforms:

  1. Focus on connecting with people. When you engage with your audience on social media, you want to connect with people where they’re already having conversations. Ask yourself, “What are people asking that we have an answer for?” When you approach social, you’re able to help people be better people with what you know from the Bible. And make it something your audience wants to engage with. Your social channels are not a bulletin board or an appropriate place to post rants. It’s an opportunity for a front porch conversation that offers new avenues for others to have a relationship with Christ.
  2. Tailor your message to each platform. How you tell your story will change across each media. The conversation you have on twitter will be different than the conversation you have on facebook. The age, gender and background of each demographic is vastly different, and you want to cater your messages around the interests of each audience. You don’t have to say the same thing on every channel. Switch up the language, be attentive to your audience and humanize your church’s voice. Our message goes further when we diversify our language, not when we say the same thing.
  3. View social as a mission field. Take a look at the Book of Acts and refresh your memory. If you look at the unified Roman culture and how they used technology of their era to advance the gospel, that’s where we are right now. If you can shift your view to a mission opportunity where you can reach people for Jesus, start there. When you spread the gospel as a mission opportunity, you’re going to reap the benefits. You’re doing the things we’re called to as believers.

Quotes from Chris

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Almost everyone has a social media presence these days, but how do you make it awesome? NewSpring Church’s Social Media Director Chris Dunagan explains, in super helpful detail, their approach to social media and how to truly connect with the people you’re trying to impact.

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  1. Mark Beccue on March 8, 2016 at 4:07 pm

    Carey: Really awesome stuff! We have been implementing some of these strategies, but I’ve run across a challenge — how do churches approach photo privacy? There is a U.S. law prohibiting photos of minors without written parent permission. Wondering how it is possible to implement social photo strategies to include minors.

  2. Joey E on September 1, 2015 at 3:16 pm

    What an awesome conversation! You’ve got me thinking about Social as much more than just a diversion from real life. Hopefully many others who hear this will be inspired to log on and help offset the negativity and the naughtiness that abounds out there.

  3. Eric on September 1, 2015 at 9:54 am

    More just fantastic stuff, thanks! Question: I preordered your book on Amazon (am I the first?!), but on your book page I didn’t see the form I need to fill out. I don’t want to miss all your bonuses! Am I missing something?

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