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CNLP 048: How to Change a Church Quickly—An Interview with Jeff Price

You should wait a year before you change anything, right? Isn’t that what every leader knows?

Well, that’s not how Jeff Price did it.

Jeff shares how he created a mandate for massive change quickly in an established church and lived to tell about it.

Welcome to Episode 48 of the Podcast.


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3 Things You Can Do Right Away

Jeff is a vision-driven person and seeks audacious opportunities to bring others to Christ. He’s introduced bold changes after taking over as a lead pastor and tells us what you can anticipate during transitions in your ministry.

  1. Disclose where you are headed. Jeff stresses being transparent and intentional. Don’t do something just because other people are wanting you to do it, or you see bigger churches doing it. When Jeff was interviewing for the lead pastor position at Calvary, he was upfront and honest about the changes he’d make, but he also emphasized his vision. After he was chosen as Calvary’s lead pastor, he continued to preach his enthusiasm for his intentions to bring others to Christ.
  2. Choose who you lose. People are reluctant to change, and some reject it all together. Jeff had to decide between choosing to lose someone who’s been there a year versus the hope that someone will come to church to find God. He couldn’t trust man to decide the change, and as it turned out, those who didn’t like change had been unhappy for years. Jeff had to awaken people to the crisis that was happening without change by emphasizing the vulnerabilities of complacency. He built several sermon series around the mission to impact the community, ensuring that his church was leveraging its resources so that those who were far from God would choose Jesus.
  3. Keep your focus consistent. When you’re in the transition of change, be consistent with your message. Focus on what your goals are and why you want to achieve them. Inconsistency will make your vision confusing, so follow through with your vision as you continue to be transparent.

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CNLP 048: How to Change a Church Quickly—An Interview with Jeff Price


  1. jonperrin on August 12, 2015 at 7:34 pm

    Exceptional podcast! Effective leaders need to read how much change their people can handle and adjust. My mentor taught me the “choose who you’re willing to lose” principle as well. It helped us so many times when planting our church. It goes right along with what Pastor Rob Ketterling once said to me: If the lost are going to have a voice in my church, it has to be mine.”

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