CNLP 465: Tim Elmore on Why Leadership is So Much More Challenging Than It Used to Be, the Lasting Impact of Crisis, and Paradoxical Leadership

Is leadership actually harder than it used to be? Bestselling author, Tim Elmore, says yes. He explains why and shares how meeting the needs of the next generation in the workplace is going to require a more complex skillset. Tim also explores confidence and humility in leadership and what happens when leaders set standards that are too high or offer too much grace.

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Insights From Tim

1. There is a higher demand on leaders today by teams

In his work with CEOs and executives, Tim found a lot of them expressing that they’re exhausted. As he continually heard this, he decided to do some research and found that there is a higher expectation for leaders today.

  • They’re more highly educated than ever before. Gen Z is more educated than the Millennials who are more educated than the Xers, who are more educated than the Boomers.
  • They also bring higher levels of emotion. Tim said, “When I first started my career, the typical mantra of a boss was, ‘Leave your personal problems at the door. Come and get the work done.’ Today, we hear “Bring your whole selves to work.”

2. 2020 was The Great Accelerator for Gen Z

When Tim thinks about the effect of the last two years on Generation Z, he refers to it as The Great Accelerator—whatever was happening slowly just got accelerated.

The mental health issues that Gen Z was already struggling with actually got deeper. In the fall of 2020, the CDC posted a page that said in August of 2020, one out of every four young adults contemplated suicide in the last month. COVID will, undoubtedly, be Gen Z’s life-shaping event which they will never forget.

3. We need to become paradoxical leaders

A paradox is a seemingly contradictory proposition that when two parts or three parts come together, we think, “That couldn’t go together.” But after further digging, you realize, “Oh, that does go together.”

Leadership paradoxes are where leaders realize, “I’ve got to exhibit two qualities at the same time or, perhaps, during the same day.” You may need to be both confident and humble. You may need to be both stubborn and open-minded. You may need to have both high standards and gracious forgiveness. Along the way, you realize it is the paradox that makes you win the day.

Quotes from Episode 465

It's not time to step back. It's time to step up. @TimElmore Click To Tweet We feel entitled to more perks and benefits today than we did 20 years ago from the workplace. @TimElmore Click To Tweet Humility is not thinking less of yourself. It's thinking of yourself less often. - C. S. Lewis Click To Tweet Leaders who refuse to listen will eventually be surrounded by people with nothing to say. @AndyStanley Click To Tweet When you're stubborn, you have a chance of reaching your goal. When you're open-minded, you have a chance of taking others with you. @TimElmore Click To Tweet Vision gives a team direction to pursue, but blind spots may be the very motivator that enables them to do it in a brand-new way. @TimElmore Click To Tweet Sometimes the stuff we learn is the very enemy of what we need to learn. @TimElmore Click To Tweet The most incredibly interesting thing about being a leader is what adjustments you make and how you make them while keeping your core principles alive and well. - @MikeCoachk Click To Tweet Leaders have to possess inspiring confidence. @TimElmore Click To Tweet My confidence makes my leadership believable. But my humility makes my confidence believable. @TimElmore Click To Tweet There is a higher demand on leaders today by teams. @TimElmore Click To Tweet

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CNLP 465: Tim Elmore on Why Leadership is So Much More Challenging Than It Used to Be, the Lasting Impact of Crisis, and Paradoxical Leadership

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