CNLP 460: Ken Coleman on The Great Resignation, Why Employers Have Lost Power, and How to Build a Dream Career

Things have changed dramatically in the world of work, and Ken Coleman talks about why The Great Resignation is happening, how the balance of power has shifted from employer to employee, and how to build a dream career.

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Insights From Ken

1. The Great Resignation is actually a Great Declaration and Migration

Triggered by the COVID pandemic, large and recurring waves of employees are leaving their existing roles in ways that most of us have not experienced in our lifetime. Ken proposes that what we are seeing is a Great Declaration or Migration instead of a Great Resignation.

We’ve experienced massive changes as workers, students, parents, friends and members of society in such a way that many people are re-thinking what they value and want out of work. Ken clarifies, “I believe all of those factors together just made us start to get a little bit more comfortable with asking the tough questions about work and purpose.” People are migrating to roles (or creating their own companies) that more closely fit their purposes.

2. The paycheck no longer holds the power it used to hold

Money will always be a motivator, but employees are looking at more than just financial gain when they consider leaving or joining an organization. They’re looking at the company’s social values, how the company helps them grow as spouses and parents, and whether personal and professional growth are part of their managers’ plans for them.

Ken encourages, “Those that survive and thrive this shift are going to be servant leaders. They’re going to be leaders who figure out that people no longer want just a paycheck. They want a path forward in their lives. . . You better show them a desired future that’s attached to this job or they’re going to leave you.” Workers want more than a life that revolves around a job; they want a job that enriches their life.

3. If you think you’ve got the wrong job, it could be that you’re in the wrong culture

Sometimes we know exactly what we want to do and feel a strong draw to a certain line of work. If you’ve ever landed your “dream job” but felt uncomfortable and wondered if you got it all wrong, it could be that the company is the one that has it all wrong.

Usually, it’s the culture that management is allowing or promoting, not the job itself. Ken calls this “the right job, wrong place.” He continues, “If we realize it’s all environmental, then we’re not changing the profession, we’re just going to change the location. That is important because it can steal your joy if you’re in the wrong situation.”

Quotes from Episode 460

Most people would rather be miserable than uncomfortable. @KenColeman Click To Tweet Fear, doubt and pride never go away, but we can overcome them. @KenColeman Click To Tweet The only person that we need to compare ourselves to is the you of yesterday. @KenColeman Click To Tweet Clarity breeds confidence. Confidence breeds courage. @KenColeman Click To Tweet You cannot and will not be a great leader until you learn how to assemble great talent. @KenColeman Click To Tweet Leaders make the biggest mistake in the world when they just drive performance and they don't think about purpose. @KenColeman Click To Tweet You have got to have the right narrative to attract the right people. @KenColeman Click To Tweet The dream job is where I'm using my talents to do work that I love, and it produces results that matter. @KenColeman Click To Tweet If you're doing the right thing in the wrong place, it will confuse you. @KenColeman Click To Tweet What leaders and bosses and corporations are realizing is that the paycheck no longer holds the power it used to hold. @KenColeman Click To Tweet The answers to certainty, the very thing that you're grasping for, lie within you. @KenColeman Click To Tweet Don't let anybody ever take away your somebody-ness. - Martin Luther King Jr. Click To Tweet The best opportunities that have come to me were not when I was trying to get an opportunity through a connection. It was when I was connecting to learn. @KenColeman Click To Tweet If anybody, in some motivational gibberish, tells you that you can destroy fear, doubt and pride, they're lying to you. Or they just have zero experience how to deal with it themselves. @KenColeman Click To Tweet No matter how absurd something is, if you repeat it often enough people will believe it. - William James Click To Tweet When that voice of fear pokes up its head, you have to then say, ‘Is this telling me the truth and thus protecting me? Or is it lying to me and holding me back?’ @KenColeman Click To Tweet

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CNLP 460: Ken Coleman on The Great Resignation, Why Employers Have Lost Power, and How to Build a Dream Career

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