CNLP 449: Horst Schulze on What Gives Young Leaders a Competitive Edge, Why Personal is the Future, and Why Individualized Service Reaches Millennials

Horst Schulze, founder of The Ritz-Carlton and Capella Hotel Group, talks about what he learned as a young leader that gave him the edge that defined his future career. He also explains why service still matters, how hotels can compete against Airbnb, and why Millennials want personalized, customized service.

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The Ritz-Carlton

Capella Hotels and Resorts


CNLP 263: Horst Schulze with Lessons From the Ritz-Carlton on Coaching the Best From a Team When You Can’t Pay Top Wages, What Guests Really Want, How to Satisfy a Customer and What To Do With Customer Complaints

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Insights From Horst

1. You can turn an unhappy customer into an ambassador

There are few things worse than an unhappy customer, client or parishioner. And that’s especially true in light of today’s public social platforms where your reputation can be ruined by one negative review.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. You can take responsibility for a customer’s unpleasant experience and turn the situation around. Horst shares five simple steps for turning an unhappy customer into an ambassador:

  1. Attentively listen to complaints
  2. Show empathy
  3. Apologize by saying, “Forgive me”
  4. Make amends
  5. Delight them

2. Show Millennials they’re part of a purpose

When Horst interviews people for a new job, he asks, “Do you have purpose and vision in life, or are you just living along?” He does this because he believes that if someone has purpose and vision, then he can invite them to participate in his purpose and his organization’s purpose.

He finds this challenging with Millennials in the workforce because oftentimes their work attitude can be, “What’s in it for me?” To resolve this, Horst says to connect them to the purpose and motive of the organization, and that will make it very clear to them what’s in it for them.

3. 4 things a great organization does to keep customers

As founder of The Ritz-Carlton, Horst Schulze knows a thing or two about keeping customers. So, what’s his philosophy? He follows these four steps:

  1. Never lose a customer—be sure your customer goes out and recommends you and wants to come back
  2. Find new customers
  3. Get as much money as you can from your customer, because they trust you
  4. Work efficiently—not cheap, efficiently

You want your customers to leave and recommend you to others.

Quotes from Episode 449

Elegance without warmth is arrogance. - Horst Schulze Click To Tweet Excellence is never an accident. It's always the result of high intent and hard work. - Horst Schulze Click To Tweet Nothing is worthwhile unless it has purpose. - Horst Schulze Click To Tweet Move heaven and Earth to keep the customer. - Horst Schulze Click To Tweet Leadership starts with leading yourself. - Horst Schulze Click To Tweet You're very much defined by the image of your organization, so help make it a good image. - Horst Schulze Click To Tweet I'm responsible for my work environment. I can create it. - Horst Schulze Click To Tweet Human beings should be going to work to create excellence and be part of a purpose, and the purpose should be the driver of everything. - Horst Schulze Click To Tweet One of the honors of being a leader is that you can positively impact the life of others. - Horst Schulze Click To Tweet Someone actually apologizing for their mistakes is just so rare these days. Click To Tweet

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CNLP 449: Horst Schulze on What Gives Young Leaders a Competitive Edge, Why Personal is the Future, and Why Individualized Service Reaches Millennials

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