CNLP 445: Amy Porterfield on How to Grow Your Online Audience, What She Learned from Working with Tony Robbins, and Common Marketing Mistakes Most Leaders Make

Amy Porterfield started writing content for Tony Robbins when she was in her 20s.

She talks about what she learned from Tony, about heading out on her own to teach marketing to others, and covers everything from common mistakes leaders make in online marketing, to how to grow an email list (from scratch), why text message marketing is part of the future and other things you need to know to grow your online audience.

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Plus, in this episode’s Ask Me Anything About Productivity segment, Carey answers Tim’s question about keeping motivation after a season of failures.

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Insights From Amy

1. Educate through your content, but don’t forget to inspire

People come to you for information, but if you want to build relationships with your audience, package your information in inspiration and entertainment. Interject the funny stories and anecdotes that drive your point home.

Not only does this help your audience remember the lesson, but it also brings the lesson you’re teaching to life, engages them and keeps them coming back to you because they just built a relationship with you.

2. Entrust someone with your vision

One thing that set Amy up for success was Tony’s trust in her as a competent young leader. Even though she wasn’t a seasoned professional at the time, he entrusted her with levels of responsibility and taught her how to do things the right way so that his trust was well-founded.

Amy encourages, “Take the time to say, ‘This is how we do it,’ instead of hoping [they] would kind of catch on.” Not only does this help leaders below you learn and grow, but it helps you accomplish more through more people. This is a win-win.

3. It’s okay (even good) to repeat yourself

Ever think that you can’t repeat that story or sermon because you’ve said it once? Think again.

Amy clarifies, “Sometimes we think like, ‘I’ve already told that story.’ So you don’t want to tell it again or, ‘I’ve already put that in my book so I’m not going to tell it here.’” Remember that people are half listening half the time, and engaging and educational content never goes out of style. If you have a new audience, you don’t have to have a totally new thought.

Quotes from Episode 445

Don't build your business on rented land. @AmyPorterfield Click To Tweet Any piece of content must educate as well as entertain and inspire. @AmyPorterfield Click To Tweet If it hurts a little bit to give it away for free, you're onto something great. @AmyPorterfield Click To Tweet Take the time to create something of value that you give away for free. @AmyPorterfield Click To Tweet Social media is fickle enough that, with email marketing, you can use it to get more people in your doors than you will ever get social media. @AmyPorterfield Click To Tweet Anybody who is having traction online seems to be paying attention to email. Click To Tweet With online marketing, we must embrace video. @AmyPorterfield Click To Tweet Find a way to embrace video even if you don't love how you look or love how you sound, because it is the most powerful way of connecting with your audience, hands down. @AmyPorterfield Click To Tweet I don't know one person that is marketing online that has, let's say six figure or seven figure business, that doesn't bank on their email list. @AmyPorterfield Click To Tweet Don't be afraid to repeat yourself. Don't be afraid to put it out there more than once. People don't remember half the stuff we say, so maybe they need to hear it more than once. @AmyPorterfield Click To Tweet A good, healthy open rate would be somewhere between 20 to 25%. @AmyPorterfield Click To Tweet Help people 10 times for every one time you asked for something. @MichaelHyatt Click To Tweet

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CNLP 445: Amy Porterfield on How to Grow Your Online Audience, What She Learned from Working with Tony Robbins, and Common Marketing Mistakes Most Leaders Make


  1. David Soine on September 24, 2021 at 9:46 am

    Good afternoon,

    Listening to Amy and your conversation was a refreshing break. Amy noted that a 20-25% opening rate of email was considered successful. I was wondering if that is more for a general audience and that a higher rate should be expected for an affinity group such as a church congregation. For example, we have noted a 47% opening rate for our congregation, and even higher on certain topics, but rarely lower than 25% for basic notifications. Thank you so much.

    David Soine

  2. Joseph Yu on September 23, 2021 at 5:00 pm

    This message is for ProMedia Fire. I was at the 5-Day Social Media Growth Challenge webpage and found a typo in the VIP page (
    “All videos will be taken down after the challenge, accept for the VIP Backstage Access Pass members. You will have lifetime access to watch the videos for your ongoing growth online.”

    I believe the word ‘accept’ should be ‘except’ … If that’s correct, please ignore my message. If not, it’s pertinent to correct it to keep your promo image.

    Thank you kindly. Blessings,

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