CNLP 428: David Nurse on What NBA Athletes and Fortune 500 CEOs have in Common, Overcoming Intimidation as a Young Leader and How to Handle Influence

Author, speaker, and former NBA coach David Nurse talks about what NBA athletes and Fortune 500 CEO’s have in common, how to overcome intimidation as a young leader and the best way to handle influence when you’re young.

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Plus, in this episode’s What I’m Thinking About segment, Carey shares 3 keys for onboarding young leaders onto your team.

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Insights From David

1. Closed doors in life aren’t always a bad thing

Throughout his journey of wanting to play for the NBA, becoming a coach, and now writing books, David learned that when a door of opportunity shuts in life, often four more open up in its place. How you respond after the door gets closed has a lot to do with how things end up down the road. Almost any closed door can be turned into a good lesson or opportunity.

2. If you want to be a top performer, you need to love the process

David learned that there is one key way to tell if a college basketball player is going to be a world-class player in the NBA or just an ok NBA player. The big deciding factor is whether they drag him to the gym or if he has to drag them to the gym for practice. If they are so in love with the process of getting better that they drag him to the gym, he can tell that they’ll be world-class.

This principle applies to leaders and CEOs as well. If they’re in love with the process of becoming a better leader, they are almost always going to be a phenomenal leader.

3. Be a connector, not a networker

Networking can often be viewed as a dirty term among leaders. A much better way to meet other leaders is through connecting. The key difference between networking and connecting is that connectors are trying to build true, meaningful relationships that are built on curiosity.

Networkers often use people to get what they want. For connectors, just knowing the person and learning from their story is enough. If they happen to meet two people who they think would add value to each other, they connect them.

Quotes from Episode 428

If I'm looking at something from one direction and just slightly pivot it, it can open up an entire horizon. @DavidNurseNBA Click To Tweet Lead leaders, then they go lead other leaders. @DavidNurseNBA Click To Tweet True confidence is about true self-awareness. @DavidNurseNBA Click To Tweet What most people think can be a door shut is actually an opportunity for four more to open. @DavidNurseNBA Click To Tweet Loving somebody is not about giving them exactly what they want. Loving someone is about being extremely honest with them. @DavidNurseNBA Click To Tweet When you continue to give, give, and give and serve without expecting anything in return, it just comes back to you tenfold. @DavidNurseNBA Click To Tweet The most challenging thing for me has ended up being my biggest blessing. @DavidNurseNBA Click To Tweet The main struggle that I see with NBA players and corporate leaders is focus. @DavidNurseNBA Click To Tweet So many problems emerge when people fail to take action. Click To Tweet Don't wait for someone to ask you to solve a problem, start tackling it. Click To Tweet Often in a team setting, responsibility for tasks is unclear. And if everyone's responsible, nobody's responsible. Click To Tweet The ability to communicate well is a superpower in leadership. Click To Tweet

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CNLP 428: David Nurse on What NBA Athletes and Fortune 500 CEOs have in Common, Overcoming Intimidation as a Young Leader and How to Handle Influence

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