Steve Cuss returns to the podcast to discuss how to manage leadership anxiety.

Steve talks about how anxiety spreads in a group, how to diffuse it, managing your personal stress during a prolonged crisis, and how to handle angry and critical voices so they don’t add to your long term anxiety.

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Plus, in this episode’s What I’m Thinking About segment, Carey shares three things that really help him manage leadership anxiety.

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Managing Leadership Anxiety by Steve Cuss

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Managing Leadership Anxiety podcast

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CNLP 337: Steve Cuss on Managing Leadership Anxiety, Spotting Unlikely Signs of Stress in Yourself, and How to Tame Your Fears in a Crisis

5 Keys to Reducing Stress, Anxiety and Overwhelm in Leadership (and Life) by Carey Nieuwhof

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Insights From Steve

1. If you’re a senior leader, your anxiety can make your team’s anxiety worse

One of the biggest things Steve has taught leaders in this season is that anxiety spreads throughout your team from one person to another. And, you, as the leader, have the most power to spread anxiety.

Because of this power dynamic, it’s even more important for you to have your anxious tendencies identified and managed. If you don’t, you’re causing chaos among your team members.

2. Take whatever steps you can to make it easier for yourself to slip into life-giving activities

As a leader, you will always have things that cause you to be anxious, and you’ll always have things that give you life. To help combat the constant flow of anxiety-causing stressors, Steve recommends you make it as easy as possible for you to slip into life-giving activities.

For Carey, that looks like him renting a slip for his boat at the local marina rather than trailering the boat every time he wants to take the boat out. For a small price, this removes some subtle objections that Carey could normally have about taking the boat out, and it makes him more likely to engage this life-giving activity more.

3. The more playful and fun your organization is, the less anxious it is

If you want an easy way to understand how much anxiety you and your team carry at work, Steve recommends you look at how easy it is for your team to laugh and have a good time with each other. If your team doesn’t laugh or is easily offended, you likely have a lot of anxiety running through your organization, and you need to address it.

Quotes from Episode 406

The more anxious the leader is, the more anxious the group is. @stevecusswords Click To Tweet The general rule of anxiety is the most anxious person in any room has the most power in that room. @stevecusswords Click To Tweet 2020 did not create the situation you're in, it exposed it. @stevecusswords Click To Tweet It's not that you eliminate anxiety, it's that you deepen your ability to manage yours and their anxiety. @stevecusswords Click To Tweet Ambiguity will always make you anxious. @stevecusswords Click To Tweet If you look in the scripture, Jesus didn't tell us to be like him, he just tells us to die to ourselves. @stevecusswords Click To Tweet As a leader, so many people either lionize me to be bigger than I am, or they demonize me to be a monster that I'm not. @stevecusswords Click To Tweet People pay attention to content, what's being said. But they react emotionally to process, the way we relate. @stevecusswords Click To Tweet Anxiety management really gets powerful when you stop seeing the problem inside someone, and you start seeing it as between you and that person. @stevecusswords Click To Tweet For a leader to be able to know what makes them anxious, now you have a power tool to start to overcome it. @stevecusswords Click To Tweet People who attend a church for a while think that means they know how to lead a church. @stevecusswords Click To Tweet I focus on what I know is true not on what I feel is true. My feelings lie to me. Click To Tweet God is less done with you than you are. Click To Tweet A rested you is a better you. Click To Tweet

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CNLP 406: Steve Cuss on How Anxiety Spreads in a Group, How to Diffuse Your Personal Anxiety, and What to Do with Angry and Anxious Critics

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