CNLP 401: Dee Ann Turner on How to Crush Your Career. Interviewing and Recruiting Pro Tips from a Former Chick-fil-A Executive Who’s Hired Thousands

Dee Ann Turner served for decades as Chick-fil-A’s Vice President of Talent and, as such, hired thousands and was responsible for the hiring of tens of thousands.

She returns to the podcast with pro tips on how to crush your career, with advice on everything from preparing for a job interview, what to wear, questions to ask and not ask, and how to deal with an abusive boss, rejection and firing.

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Plus, in this episode’s What I’m Thinking About segment, Carey talks about three leadership secrets that can help young leaders gain an edge.

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Crush Your Career by Dee Ann Turner

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Integrity by Dr. Henry Cloud

3 Leadership Secrets That Can Help Young Leaders Gain an Edge by Carey Nieuwhof

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Insights From Dee Ann

1. Trusting your gut isn’t always your best strategy as an interviewer

Early in her career, Dee Ann took pride in her gut’s ability to know if someone was a good candidate for the job 30 seconds after they stepped off the elevator. Over the years, she’s learned to dig deeper than what her gut feeling is telling her about a candidate especially when her gut feeling is positive.

2. Prepare 5-7 questions per interviewer

If you want a guaranteed way to improve your chances of getting hired, do your research on both the company and each individual interviewing you. Dee Ann recommends that you come prepared with 5-7 questions for each interviewer. She also noted that you often can’t find the answers to your questions on their company website or GlassDoor profiles.

3. If you’re firing someone, it shouldn’t be a surprise to the person getting fired

If you get to the point where you need to fire someone based on their performance, it shouldn’t be a surprise to them. Before getting to that point, you should have had multiple conversations about areas of improvement while holding them accountable for improving those things. These conversations are often avoided, but they shouldn’t be.

Quotes from Episode 401

The culture of the organization is made up of the character of the people in the organization. @DeeAnnTurner Click To Tweet Character determines success in life itself. @DeeAnnTurner Click To Tweet If you're a leader, your biggest responsibility is to be the steward of talent. @DeeAnnTurner Click To Tweet If you don't want to mess up your culture, you need to be really careful about the character of the people you select. @DeeAnnTurner Click To Tweet Gut is about judging chemistry. @DeeAnnTurner Click To Tweet Chemistry is not about getting along with everybody on the team. @DeeAnnTurner Click To Tweet Great chemistry is when somebody can actually bring their differences to the table and collaborate in such a way that they influence other people on the team. @DeeAnnTurner Click To Tweet Calling and career can be very different things. Figure out your calling. What it is you want to do in this world in impact? @DeeAnnTurner Click To Tweet Delegating is not just telling other people what to do. It requires you to identify the best person, teach them how to do it and hold them accountable. @DeeAnnTurner Click To Tweet An abusive boss is simply someone who doesn't treat people with honor, dignity and respect. @DeeAnnTurner Click To Tweet Rejection might not be about you at all. @DeeAnnTurner Click To Tweet It's all about the 'we' not the 'me' when you go from doing to leading. @DeeAnnTurner Click To Tweet Nice is when I care what you think about me. Kindness is when I truly care about you. @DeeAnnTurner Click To Tweet If you see something, own it. Be proactive. Take the initiative. Click To Tweet If you're wondering if you should do something as a leader, stop wondering and do something. Click To Tweet When things are unclear, just assume responsibility. That's what all great leaders do. Click To Tweet I am convinced you cannot over-communicate. Marriage and families collapse because of poor communication. Click To Tweet

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CNLP 401: Dee Ann Turner on How to Crush Your Career. Interviewing and Recruiting Pro Tips from a Former Chick-fil-A Executive Who’s Hired Thousands

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