Over the last 18 years, Bob Westfall has helped charities and not-for-profits raise over one billion dollars for their work. He unpacks why some people give and others don’t, the wrong script to use when raising money, and the principles behind raising more money.

Bob also explains why economic downturns don’t necessarily reduce giving and can even increase it.

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Plus, in this episode’s What I’m Thinking About segment, Carey talks about 7 fresh ways to talk about money in church.

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I Was Broke. Now I’m Not.

7 Fresh Ways for Every Church Leader to Think About Money by Carey Nieuwhof

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1. If you want great donors, preach vision not conviction

Churches and non-profits rely too much on preaching a believer’s “duty” to give a tithe. Modern research on philanthropy shows that 95% of modern giving is done because someone believes in the mission of whatever organization they’re donating to. So, if you want more donors, make a case for why your organization is a worthy place for someone to support.

Bob calls this your “transformational case.” He sees 3 major aspects to a good transformational case:

  1. Intellectual: You explain the who, what, when and how.
  2. Emotional: How are you changing lives? On what scale?
  3. Transformational: How are people’s individual gifts making a difference?

You need donors to go through all three of these steps in this specific order.

2. Surround non-generous donors with generous people

So, how do you take a non-generous person and lead them to be generous? Bob says it doesn’t happen overnight, but it happens by modeling, engaging and discipling those people as a generous person. If you’re a generous person yourself, and you’re trying to disciple and engage a non-generous person, it’s gradual not quick, but it can be done.

Bob’s company, Westfall Gold, has done a study of the giving of all of their clients and donors over the last five years and found the number one factor that moved people to a higher level of generosity was community. If they can get a non-generous person to be in community with a generous person, that is their best shot at transformation.

3. When a donor loses big in a recession, lean in not out

When economic uncertainty hits, you will likely have donors that lose a high percentage of their net worth and lose the ability to give to your organization. Your temptation would be to quit focusing on these individuals. Don’t. This is a time when you should lean in to those donors not out.

If you’re a pastor, these people might need your care now more than ever, and if someone was able to reach a high net worth once, it’s very likely that they’ll be able to do it again. If you abandon them when they are down, they will abandon you when they get back up.

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CNLP 384: Bob Westfall on How to Raise More Money, Create a Culture of Generosity, and Why Giving Can Grow During Tough Economic Times

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