CNLP 383: Mark Batterson on How to Resist the Pressure of Partisan Politics in Church, the Future of Church and How to Win the Day

Mark Batterson has led a church in DC for over two decades. In this interview, Mark opens up about how deep the divide is in DC, how he resists the pressure to become partisan, and how to create a multi-partisan church.

He also talks about the future of the church after 5 of his physical locations were put in jeopardy by cinema insolvencies, and how he manages his time.

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Plus, in this episode’s What I’m Thinking About segment, Carey talks about how to say “no” to requests that aren’t strategic for you.

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1. If you want to reach the world, stay non-partisan

Mark has found that many Christians are more evangelistic when it comes to their political ideology than their biblical theology. This is tragic. The gospel is for people on all sides of the political sphere, and if you want to reach people on both sides of the aisle, you, as a leader, need to lead in a way that builds a non-partisan church.

Mark does this by taking actions that show who they are for rather than make statements about what they are against as a church. For example, his church will not take a position on immigration, but will take the biblical mandate of, “Care for the stranger, the alien, the marginalized, the poor” very seriously and help resettle any refugees they can.

2. If you’re relying on the weekend, you’re in trouble

COVID has taught Mark and National Community Church a lot about what is really important for their church to invest their time and energy into. They’ve realized that if a church is relying on the weekend in the future, they’re in trouble. Since COVID hit, NCC has doubled down on helping their people live out their faith throughout the week.

They see the best way for someone to grow spiritually is to create daily habits and rhythms that grow their relationship with God deeper. One of the ways they do this is by holding 7 AM prayer Zoom calls every weekday with hundreds of people in their church community.

3. If you want to have a big impact with your time, do the math

In Mark’s new book, Win The Day, he talks about this idea of “doing the math” with your time management. He believes many leaders ignore arithmetic when it comes to their calendars, and he’d love to change that.

Most leaders will say yes to coffee with someone that they really shouldn’t, but they feel bad about saying no. Mark has found that by calculating coffee as “1 hour with 1 person = 1 hour of investment,” and comparing it with your message that’s “1 hour with hundreds of people = hundreds of hours invested,” helps bring clarity to what you should be prioritizing as a leader.

There are outliers to that data, so he gives other signs you might need to transition. If you’re no longer excited by the day-to-day work of ministry but love preaching, if you’ve started counting down the days, or think you can’t make it another seven years, it might be time to start talking about a five year succession plan.

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CNLP 383: Mark Batterson on How to Resist the Pressure of Partisan Politics in Church, the Future of Church and How to Win the Day

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