CNLP 374: Anne Graham Lotz on Growing Up in Billy Graham’s Home, How Culture is Changing, and Why Many Leaders Struggle with Prayer

Anne Graham Lotz talks about growing up in Billy and Ruth Graham’s home, what she learned from her father and mother, how culture and communication has changed, and about how she’s struggled in her own prayer life and how she developed strategies to deepen her walk with God any leader can adapt.

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Plus, in this episode’s What I’m Thinking About segment, Carey talks about how you measure online church.

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The Light of His Presence: Prayers to Draw You Near to the Heart of God by Anne Graham Lotz

Wounded by God’s People by Anne Graham Lotz

The Daniel Key: 20 Choices That Make All the Difference by Anne Graham Lotz

Daily Light by Anne Graham Lotz

The Valley of Vision by Arthur Bennett

Beyond Vanity Metrics and Algorithms: 5 Online Benchmarks Churches Should Start Measuring by Carey Nieuwhof

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1. We’re losing the next generation

Sadly, our world today is vastly different than the world where Billy Graham held massive outreach crusades in the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s. People’s hunger and respect for God seems to be waning. To combat this, Christian parents and churches need to take a bigger responsibility in raising up authentic followers of Jesus.

Parents, the most important thing you can do is to be authentically yourself. You can’t pass along your faith to your children if it’s not genuine. If Jesus isn’t first in your heart and life, you can’t pass it onto them, because then you’re passing on a religion not a relationship.

2. As a parent, be affectionate and present

Although Billy Graham wasn’t home as often as many other fathers, he did a phenomenal job of creating moments of affection and being present for Anne. When Anne was growing up, she rarely felt like she was interrupting her father when she walked into the room where was working. He always paused and gave her his full attention.

Even in his 80’s and 90’s, Billy was an affectionate father. He would hug Anne, hold her hand, listen to her and be overjoyed to see her. Anne has a lot of really fond memories of her father because of these habits. As a parent, be sure to show your kids true affection and create memorable moments.

3. The methods of evangelism and preaching have changed

Billy Graham was one of the original pioneers of television and radio ministry. He took advantage of those advances in technology to help broadcast the gospel to many people. Now, you and I can do the same thing with the internet.

Since March, Anne has been able to do more ministry in less time because it’s so much more efficient to speak digitally rather than in-person. For you and your church, digital ministry has made it possible to reach far more people than in-person ministry ever did. You just need to find a working strategy.

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CNLP 374: Anne Graham Lotz on Growing Up in Billy Graham’s Home, How Culture is Changing, and Why Many Leaders Struggle with Prayer

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