Nik Wallenda has set numerous tightrope walking world records, including being the first man to cross Niagara Falls, and wirewalking across Times Square, the Grand Canyon and more.

Nik talks about how to train for adverse conditions, responding to failure and constantly changing conditions, how to reposition your mission when your model breaks, and how to push past fear and anxiety.

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Plus, in this episode’s What I’m Thinking About segment, Carey talks about how to lead your church when people just can’t agree on anything right now.

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Facing Fear by Nik Wallenda

Balance by Nik Wallenda

The Last of the Wallendas by Delilah Wallenda

Harvard Negotiation Project

How to Lead a Church That Can’t Agree on Anything Right Now by Carey Nieuwhof

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1. You can never be too prepared

Nik was the first person to walk a tightrope wire directly over the precipice of Niagara Falls. To do this, he endured 65 mile per hour winds, torrential rain, and he was walking on an unsecured cable that was swaying 18 inches from side to side. The odds were stacked against him. So how do you prepare for something like that?

Nik is a firm believer in overpreparing. On top of his lifetime of training, Nik was intentional to overprepare for this event. To prepare for the winds and rain, he practiced in 90 mile per hour winds and had fire trucks spraying water on him. That way, when he is doing the walk, he knows that whatever winds and rain he might face, he’s prepared for it.

2. Complacency can kill

According to Nik, one of the most dangerous things that can happen while he’s on the wire is getting complacent. If he gets complacent, he can begin to let his mind wander, lose focus on the task at hand and end up falling off the wire. The same thing happens to you in leadership.

If you are beginning to get comfortable with the “good enough” results that you’re getting at work, at home, or even where you volunteer, you’re in danger of becoming complacent. Complacency probably won’t kill you in your job but could very easily kill your progress towards your mission.

3. To combat irrelevance, change your methods

When Nik was young, his mother wrote a book called The Last of the Wallendas. In it, she tells how their generation would likely be the last generation of Wallendas to make a living tightrope walking, because the circus was dying out. This caused Nik to look for other ways to do what he loves. If he wanted to keep doing what he loved, he had to reinvent the methods.

Nik did this by changing where and how he walks. Now, rather than being under a circus tent, he walks across natural wonders like the Grand Canyon and Niagara Falls. This pivot increased his exposure and has allowed him to continue his mission of inspiring others.

What do you need to reinvent in your organization?

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CNLP 364: Nik Wallenda on What World Record Tightrope Walking Taught Him About How to Train in Adverse Conditions, Preparing for the Unexpected in Leadership, Overcoming Fear, and How to Revive a Dying Industry

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  1. bill (cycleguy) on September 2, 2020 at 2:19 pm

    Absolutely loved this podcast with Nik. Listened to it while driving. Now I’m going to print out some of the main thoughts and replay them. Fantastic podcast. Thanks Carey.

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