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CNLP 356: Dharius Daniels on Leading with Relational Intelligence, Leadership Learned the Hard Way, and the Keys to Great Communication

Dharius Daniels is one of the best communicators in America today.

In this interview, we talk about the key to excellent communication, learning leadership the hard way, and how to lead and live with greater relational intelligence.

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Plus, in this episode’s What I’m Thinking About segment, Carey talks about where he thinks the sermon is heading in what he calls Sermon 2.0.

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Relational Intelligence by Dharius Daniels

Conversational Intelligence by Judith E. Glaser

ReThink Leadership

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Sermon 2.0: The Future of Preaching and Reaching the Unchurched by Carey Nieuwhof


1. “Doing it all” as a pastor actually does more harm than good

When first starting out in ministry, Dharius thought that, as a pastor, he was responsible to dream, build and design his church, even though he is only gifted at dreaming and designing. This led to emptiness, frustration, emotional unhealth for him and stagnation within his organization.

Eventually, he realized that leadership is customized, and that God has wired him differently than he has wired other leaders. When he realized this, he knew that he needed to find someone that could complement his gifts and excel at the things that he never would. After putting this person in place, and watching his organization succeed, Dharius realized that, “You don’t go as far as your dream, you go as far as your team.”

2. If you want to change lives as a communicator, wrap deep meaning in alliteration and rhyme

When it comes to communication, some of your audience members will need a bit more than just inspiration. Many preachers are great at being inspirational, and some churches can thrive off that. But in his darkest days of college, Dharius needed more than inspiration from the preacher he was listening to. He needed some logic to show him that he could survive the hard times he was going through, and he needed it to be packaged in a memorable way.

After realizing this, Dharius made it a habit to have real life-changing and deep content in every message that is packaged in a way that’s easily remembered. Two of the most common ways to do this is through alliteration and rhyme. If he doesn’t have both deep truth, and memorable phrasing, he knows that his message isn’t ready yet.

3. The 4 levels of relationships

Although everyone is equally valuable in the eyes of God, everyone does not add equal value to you. Dharius sees 4 levels where you can classify all of your relationships:

  1. Friends
    A friend is family without the last name. When friendship is working properly, it can supplement what you didn’t get in your biological family.
  2. Associates
    If you’re going to get hurt or be disappointed by any relationship, it is most likely with associates. These relationships are usually built because your schedules or interests intersect. These relationships can be seasonal.
  3. Assignments
    Assignments could also be called mentees. They are people that you know you are investing in but not getting anything out of. It’s important that you have these people in your life, but make sure not to have only these people around. Pastors are often in danger of this.
  4. Advisors
    Advisors are the people that build into you. They help you move forward when you can’t see what your next steps should be. And although they may not be building your organization with you, they are absolutely critical to your success.

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CNLP 356: Dharius Daniels on Leading with Relational Intelligence, Leadership Learned the Hard Way, and the Keys to Great Communication

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