CNLP 353: Henry Cloud on How to Stop Taking Failure Personally, How to Prevent Burnout and Become Healthier in the Midst of a Year Like 2020, and How to Change Your Thinking for the Better

Clinical psychologist, leadership expert and NYT bestselling author, Dr. Henry Cloud returns to the podcast to give a virtual master class on how to handle the stress, anxiety and overwhelm of a year like 2020.

He gives practical strategies on preventing burnout, getting and staying healthier, preparing for the long run, how to battle back against negative thoughts and how to stop taking failure personally.

Welcome to Episode 353 of the podcastListen and access the show notes below or search for the Carey Nieuwhof Leadership Podcast on Apple Podcasts or wherever you get your podcasts and listen for free.

Plus, in this episode’s What I’m Thinking About segment, Carey talks about why you don’t de-stress during your vacation and why time off never seems to be enough.

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Why Your Time Off Will Never Be Enough to Truly Destress You by Carey Nieuwhof


1. Focus on controlling what you can control

In normal conditions, we often try to control things—people, circumstances, outcomes, etc. In this unusual time, life can feel especially out of control. When you lose control and you have fewer choices, your brain hits a shutdown mode, and it goes into a known place called learned helplessness. You start to think, “There’s nothing I can do.” That’s why people feel lethargic or can get into a daze. So, Henry says to focus on controlling what you can control.

So, what can you control? You can control yourself. Henry compares it to driving a car. If you’re driving in a snowstorm or rainstorm, that might make the car seem less controllable. The things you have control over are the steering wheel, the brakes, and the gas. And it might seem we’re in a snowstorm or rainstorm right now, and we can’t control the outcome, but what things about ourselves CAN we control?

2. The 3 P’s

When life does feel out of control, we can shut down. Henry says our brains interpret it as a power outage. And then there’s a power outage, we respond with the three P’s:

  1. We Personalize it
    We feel bad, not good enough. We respond with, “Why did I ever think I could do that.” Or, “I should have done that differently.”
  2. It becomes Pervasive
    We say things like, “I bet next time it’s not going to be different.” Or, “I don’t know if we’re going to get better.”
  3. We see it as Permanent
    So, now hope is gone, and you’re done. And you can’t move, you don’t know what to do.

Henry tells us that we have to then reboot our system.

3. How to reboot your system

If you’re experiencing a loss of control, and you find yourself shutting down, Henry says there are four things we must do to reboot our system:

  1. Get connected in your vulnerability
    When you connect with others and share deeply, you realize you are not alone.
  2. Get back in control of what you can control
    It’s what we talked about earlier. A simple practice you can do is to make two columns of things you can control and those things you cannot. And, focus on prioritizing the things you can.
  3. Log your thoughts
    Realize the negative thoughts you are having are not real thoughts. When your stress hormones go up, the brain emits negative thoughts, because stress hormones are by definition activating the system that fears.
  4. Find some quiet time
    Start thinking about your thinking. “Have I gotten negative? Have I gotten hopeless? Am I thinking in weird terms? Have I gone critical? Have I gone powerless?”Decatastrophize whatever’s going on so that you can see it in a larger narrative.

Quotes from Episode 353

Opportunity favors the prepared. @DrHenryCloud Click To Tweet

Nobody rises to a challenge. You fall to your level of training. @DrHenryCloud Click To Tweet

Margin gives you options. @cnieuwhof Click To Tweet

If you have a little bit of physical, emotional, financial, spiritual margin, you can spend it in a crisis. @cnieuwhof Click To Tweet

God has made you to be a control freak. He's wired your brain to be a control freak. @DrHenryCloud Click To Tweet

There's things that happen incarnationally that don't happen digitally. @DrHenryCloud Click To Tweet

Time off won't heal you when your problem is how you spend time on. @cnieuwhof Click To Tweet

A sabbatical isn't the solution for an unsustainable pace. A sustainable pace is the solution for an unsustainable pace. @cnieuwhof Click To Tweet

Categorical decision making is a game-changer, because with one decision, you make so many other decisions in that moment. @cnieuwhof Click To Tweet

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CNLP 353: Henry Cloud on How to Stop Taking Failure Personally, How to Prevent Burnout and Become Healthier in the Midst of a Year Like 2020, and How to Change Your Thinking for the Better

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  1. Craig Walker on July 15, 2020 at 12:19 pm

    Great stuff, Carey! Like everyone else in the world of leadership, I always learn from Henry Cloud.

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