CNLP 034: 21 Practical Tech Hacks That Will Free Up Your Time To Lead—An Interview with Geek Pastor Wayne Cordova

Some leaders are tech geeks. Others are not.

In an incredibly helpful, practical episode,’s Wayne Cordova walks leaders through beginner, intermediate and geek level apps, tools, hacks and strategies that can help every leader free up time to do the real work of leadership.

So whether you love tech or hate it, this episode is packed with practical tools that can help you free up time to lead better.

Welcome to Episode 34 of the Podcast.



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Post-It Note Planner

Beginner Apps

The Overcast App, a powerful, yet simple podcast player

Wunderlist, an easy organizational tool to help you get things done faster

Things / Cultured Code, a task manager for easy organization

Evernote, a workspace that allows you to capture what’s important, move ideas and stay on task

The Pomodoro Technique, a timer that helps keep you focused while promoting productivity

GTD – Getting Things Done, David Allen’s productivity system that captures, clairifies and organizes so you can reflect and engage with tasks you need to complete

Gmail, a very basic, user-friendly email system that can be customized to meet your organization’s needs

Airmail, an organizational e-mail app

Mailbox App, the email app Carey uses on his iPhone and iPad.

Dropbox, allows for easy sharing and access to files of all sizes

Jotnot, scan PDFs from documents, recepits, faxes, expenses and whiteboards. Great for financial organization and planning.

Instagram, a photo and video-sharing app that allows you to apply filters to capture the look and feel of a moment

Intermediate & Advanced Apps

Dispatch, helps you tame your inbox by letting you delete, defer, delegate, generate actions and even respond to your mails with ease.

Wayne’s Podcast on the Dispatch App – Inbox Hero

Text Expander, save time and keystrokes with customized shortcuts

Wayne’s Blog, 4 Practical Ministry Uses for Text Expander

Phrase Express, saves keystrokes by expanding text abbreviations into full text snippets

If This Then That / IFTTT

Work Flow, connects apps and actions together to automate things you do on your device.

The Trifecta of Automation Apps (These get expensive if you use all of them.)

Keyboard Maestro, automate almost any repetitive task you do with an Apple device

Launch Bar, an adaptive app launcher and document browser that allows you to access applications, documents, bookmarks by typing short abbreviations

Hazel, a system preference payne that helps clean up your files by automatically organizing


3 Things You Can Do Right Away

We can breeze through a day of ministry and never leave our desks, but technology helps see projects through and allows us to get to what really matters. When used as a tool, technology plays into the “how” when accomplishing the work of ministry and gives us margin to focus on building relationships. Wayne Cordova walks us through the apps that help him manage his ministry and tells you how to get started.

  1. Start using the to-do list or app that works best for you. Some people ask, “What Bible should I use?” when they start attending a new church, and the answer is simple. Use the Bible that you’re going to read. The same principle applies to technology. Before you spend money on anything, really decide on the system that’s best for you, and don’t spend money on anything that isn’t cross-platform. Look for the little plus (+) symbol that lets you know it’s available across multiple operating systems. Not everyone on your team will exclusively use one platform, so it’s not beneficial to use an organizing tool that isn’t universal.
  2. Work on how you choose to do e-mail. Everyone has to have e-mail to maintain communication. Get started with something simple. Gmail has a great search function within its system, and is very user-friendly. You could probably have a tech-savvy team member get your organization set up with custom Gmail addresses. Don’t feel obligated to use the software that comes on your computer. There are a variety of options that provide desktop options and apps for your phone. (If you’re a more advanced user, check out the organizational apps in the “Links Mentioned” section.)
  3. Turn your notifications off. There’s nothing like a red badge with a number on it that will prompt you to respond to notifications sooner. You want to see as little red as possible on your phone, and they get in the way of your ministry, your family and your personal time. Eliminate badges that may distract you, such as facebook, twitter and other social media apps.

A Special Offer from Wayne

Wayne has put together 3 FREE exclusive webinars for listeners of the podcast. Just go to You’ll get tips for managing  email, automation and going paperless.

There will also be an invite to a webinar he’s doing on Google Hangout where Wayne will give away a free hour of coaching to anyone who tunes in!

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Next Episode: Clay Scroggins

At age 30, he was asked to lead a church of 6000. At age 34, he was asked to lead North Point Community Church, a campus with 14,000 attenders, where Andy Stanley is the Senior Pastor. In this episode, we’ll talk to Clay Scroggins about the challenges of leading when you’re young, and how he’s navigating senior leadership at North Point Church in Atlanta.

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CNLP 034: 21 Practical Tech Hacks That Will Free Up Your Time To Lead—An Interview with Geek Pastor Wayne Cordova


  1. Rokkr Plus on August 20, 2021 at 5:00 am

    Thank you for sharing, your article is very good.

  2. Bob Priest on September 18, 2019 at 9:45 pm

    I’m just a few episodes (years) late on this one. I also skimmed the later episode with Wayne. I have 2 questions. Are there any updates to the software/app list such as new versions or new programs?

    Second, I did not hear any mention of a calendar. I’ve been looking for one that will merge my work (Outlook 365) calendar administered by company IT and my personal Outlook 365 calendar.

    My job provides a Windows PC laptop, IPhone 7 and IPad 6gen. My personal computer is also a Windows PC

  3. Andrew Peters on September 25, 2015 at 12:22 pm

    I’m probably pretty cheap for asking this…but do you know of any alternatives to Hazel that are in the free-ish range.

    • Wayne Cordova on September 25, 2015 at 1:58 pm

      Hi Andrew, hahaha don’t sweat being cheap, I totally understand. I will tell you that Hazel is WELL worth the $29 though for the ease of use.

      The major alternative to Hazel is to write your own Apple Scripts. And that is very time consuming.

      There are a few other apps “Like” hazel (Maid, Taxonomy, inbetweenbox) but there is nothing like the real deal, trust me!


  4. Queen of Free on May 20, 2015 at 8:52 am

    My head is spinning but I LOVED this podcast. Thanks for the practical ideas. I’d love for you to do a similar session on Plugins and productivity ideas for bloggers. 🙂

  5. Wayne Cordova on May 9, 2015 at 10:20 pm

    Thanks for the suggestion of Trello and Slack! Our team at Crosspoint uses Slack for communication and it works on all of our team’s devices. (Which includes Android). We gave Trello a try but Slack seems to fit out needs best at the moment.

    Most of my experience in the last several years has been in the “Mac World” so I certainly can appreciate the help when it comes to other Operating Systems.


  6. steve carruthers on May 6, 2015 at 10:40 am

    Quite honestly, the biggest thing that stood out to me is the reciept thing – take a picture of it. I”m in charge of my own, and I’m always bogged down by the way the reciepts look and I have to do all that paper work, and it just doesn’t look fun. THis might help in that venture.

    Also, just hearing people talk about using the cross platform apps like Evernote/google docs has made me evaluate more why I’m not doing that more… I do it a little, but not to the extent I could.

    However, this is where I would hope for some feedback…

    This Podcast was great if you use a mac.
    What would be helpful is for the people who do use WIndows/Andriod to have a list of parallels. I’ve done some research into this since yesterday as productivity is something I’m working on.
    I’m willing to pay for things, but most of the apps/programs described are all mac centric.
    Obviously you guys use Mac.
    Could you find someone or figure out someone who uses windows/Andriod to aid in this discussion?
    The biggest thing is that smaller churches just simply can’t afford mac stuff for everyone. If you’re in a church of 300+ you can, but in the smaller tier, unless your staff (who are likely under paid) pay for their own, then this is not feasible.

    You can disagree, and that’s totally fine. Maybe there’s a commentor who can help me in this venture.

  7. Tom Bump on May 5, 2015 at 10:00 am


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