CNLP 318: Jennie Allen on How to Get the Negative Voices Out of Your Head, a Different Model for Leadership, and How to Motivate a Large Crowd

Jennie Allen never expected to be leading a massive movement involving millions of people around the world, but that’s exactly where she finds herself.

She talks about how she stays grounded, what contributes to the downfall of so many leaders, and how to model your leadership differently.

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Get Out of Your Head by Jennie Allen


3 Insights from Jennie

1. Your private life and actions should ground your public ministry

When you have a platform of any size, there is a natural tendency to lean into the platform alone and leave everyday life of small groups, community, and relationships. This is dangerous. Jennie has found that the thing that keeps her grounded and authentic when she communicates to millions is the experience and love she gives to the one.

Many of us think that once we hit a certain level, we graduate from needing to do community in a local small group. That’s just not true. The bigger you get, the more you need it. We think that enough social media likes, and paid speaking gigs will fulfill us, but the truth is that those things are shallow, temporary solutions to a deeper longing within us.

2. We shouldn’t be surprised by the massive public failures of people in ministry

The whole Christian world is always shocked when one of the spiritual giants we follow has a public moral failure. Jennie has realized that maybe we shouldn’t be surprised, because we all are one decision away from ending up in jail. Sometimes we make too much of people’s public sin because we’ve made too much of them as a public figure to begin with.

Jennie combats this with things like confession, submission, local church accountability, being very known, not living into her own power, and continually choosing the more costly, honest way. When she begins to stop doing these things, she begins to fall into the trap of the world that leads to failure.

3. We need to take our thoughts captive before they take us

70% of our thoughts in a day are negative. When we have this many negative thoughts, we end up giving in to the deep, negative thought cycle that leads to anxiety, stress, and depression. We have to respond as leaders.

In the New Testament, Paul is very clear that we are to, “Take every thought captive.” He uses battle terms. The war for our mental health won’t be easy, but it will be worth it.

Quotes from Episode 318

Sometimes we make too much of people's public sin because we've made too much of them as a public figure to begin with. @JennieAllen Click To Tweet

I'm always checking myself, 'Is this an overflow, or am I just trying to feed a machine?' @JennieAllen Click To Tweet

'If my weakness helps people, which I think it does more than my strength, then why would I not put it out there? @JennieAllen Click To Tweet

Mental illness is not one of those things we can will our way out of. @JennieAllen Click To Tweet

If you don't lead well, the audience doesn't stick around. @cnieuwhof Click To Tweet

I'm not in it for the fans. I'm in it for the glory of God, because people are dying and they need hope and they need help. @JennieAllen Click To Tweet

We are all one decision away from jail. @JennieAllen Click To Tweet

I think the greatest gift I learned in leadership was to be weak and to embrace that weakness, and rather than fight it, own it and not hide it and speak of it. @JennieAllen Click To Tweet

Some of the best stuff I have is the darkest stuff I have. @JennieAllen Click To Tweet

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CNLP 318: Jennie Allen on How to Get the Negative Voices Out of Your Head, a Different Model for Leadership, and How to Motivate a Large Crowd

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