CNLP 310: Jasmine Star on Finding Your Dream Customer, How to Reach More People By Focusing on Less, and What Drives Real Growth

Jasmine Star dropped out of law school, didn’t even own a camera, and within 4 years was one of top photographers in the world.

These days as a strategist, entrepreneur and social media influencer, Jasmine talks about how to find and connect with your dream customer or audience, how focusing on who you want to reach drives growth, and how to protect your online message against the algorithm changes that happen all the time.

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This is Marketing by Seth Godin

Find Your Ideal Client – free resource from Jasmine Star

The Jasmine Star Show

3 Insights from Jasmine

1. It’s the artist who is valuable, not their art

Carey and Jasmine have a candid conversation about how Jasmine became so successful. Was it because she was the most talented? The cheapest? No. Jasmine would say that it is the experience she creates that makes people want to work with her. She says her defining factor isn’t necessarily the art she produces, but the artist. Jasmine says, “We don’t choose cakes, we choose the baker. We don’t choose a curriculum, we choose the teacher. And that is like the foundation of every strong business owner. We’re choosing the vehicle, we’re not choosing the destination.”

She also says that being “average” is to her advantage because other average people see that they, too, can succeed. Her steps? One, show up. Two, remain consistent in the hard days. Three, create experiences and show up to connect with customers far differently than the competition.

2. Finding your dream customer

Did you catch the description of Jasmine’s “dream customer?” She has created a narrative around a woman she calls Elle. Why all the detail? Jasmine says, “If you don’t know who you’re targeting, you’re never going to reach the person that you want to work with. I am only speaking to one person. When you become everything to all people, you become nothing to no one.  And when you speak with such specificity and clarity, it automatically opens doors to other people who may not resonate on the same level, but the way which I’m speaking to my dream customer, then that opens lots of doors.”

So, how do you determine your dream customer? Jasmine says:

  1. Give him/her a name because he becomes like your friend, somebody you want to take care of and help.
  2. If you have him placed in a specific geographic area, you could speak to the nuances of his or her life. Coastal city, small town, aspirational, middle America, what’s that struggle like.
  3. Give him/her a partner—how many children, the type of car he/she drives, then indicates socioeconomically where he/she is, and you could speak to the types of shows that he/she watches, the stores that he/she shops in, and the struggles that he/she go through specifically for that demographic.
  4. Then ask yourself, “Does this resonate with (fill in the blank name)? Does (fill in the blank name) know me more? Does (fill in the blank name) like me more? And does (fill in the blank name) trust me more?”

Check out Jasmine’s “Ideal Client” free resource to determine your dream customer.

3. Selling an emotional experience versus selling a product

Are you a business owner trying to sell a product? What problem are you trying to solve for your customers? Jasmine says that we should be selling an “emotional experience.” She says, “We are all emotional creatures and we want to be understood. My only objective as a business owner is to understand the emotional desire and then sell a solution and/or transformation to their people’s darkest pain or wildest pleasures.”

Jasmine uses the example of selling athletic shoes.  You’re literally selling running shoes, but what are you selling emotionally? You’re selling lifestyle, hope, desire, aspiration, the feeling of feeling athletic even though you’re sitting on the couch. Understand what your customer wants and desires, think from an emotional perspective, and provide a solution in order to sell your “product.”

Quotes from Episode 310

I do believe that everything you go through is preparing you for the life and success that you are daring yourself to believe is capable for yourself. @jasminestar Click To Tweet

At the end of your life, you think about the things that you didn't do, not the things that you did. @jasminestar Click To Tweet

I, and every good entrepreneur, is in the business of transformation not in the business of methodology, product or service. @jasminestar Click To Tweet

I go to where my dream customers are not where I like to spend most of my time. @jasminestar Click To Tweet

If you don't know who you're targeting, you're never going to reach the person that you want to work with. @jasminestar Click To Tweet

I am not selling to one person, I am only speaking to one person. And when you speak with such specificity and clarity, it automatically opens doors to other people who may not resonate on the same level. @jasminestar Click To Tweet

I'm creating a dream customer and what this person wants to feel, know and buy on the internet. @jasminestar Click To Tweet

When you speak to one person, it also speaks to a longing and a desire in somebody else. @jasminestar Click To Tweet

We are all emotional creatures and we want to be understood. And what's happened is that social media has only magnified the chasm of constantly feeling on the outside and misunderstood. @jasminestar Click To Tweet

My only objective as a business owner is to understand the emotional desire and then sell a solution and/or transformation to their people's darkest pain or wildest pleasures. @jasminestar Click To Tweet

If we, as business owners, aren't taking the time to understand what our customer is wanting, desiring, or going through or has aspirations or desires for, we're totally missing the mark. @jasminestar Click To Tweet

When you know how to sell from an emotional perspective, your competition remains in the dark ages. @jasminestar Click To Tweet

Your objective on Instagram shouldn't be for the sale, it should be for conversations that lead to trust, then that leads to conversions. @jasminestar Click To Tweet

The most ardent supporters, the quickest buyers, the most staunch customers come by way, newsletter, blog, and podcast. @jasminestar Click To Tweet

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CNLP 310: Jasmine Star on Finding Your Dream Customer, How to Reach More People By Focusing on Less, and What Drives Real Growth

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