CNLP 308: Larry Osborne Spins Gold on How to Connect with High Capacity Leaders, Why People with Low EQ Dominate Meetings, and Why All the Traits You Hate in a Child You Love in a Leader

Larry Osborne shares 4 decades of wisdom with leaders on everything from how to connect high capacity leaders, to what to do if you wanted to make a million dollars, to questions you should ask other leaders, to meeting dynamics on how to handle him.

Carey spends almost the entire episode pitching some of his favorite Larry Osborne quotes back to Larry and having Larry expound on them. The results are fascinating.

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The Millionaire Next Door by Thomas J. Stanley

Books by Jim Collins

Accidental Pharisees by Larry Osborne

Sticky Teams by Larry Osborne

Thriving in Babylon by Larry Osborne

North Coast Church

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3 Insights from Larry

1. When opening something new, you need soft openings

One thing that Larry recommends church leaders do is to actually learn from marketplace leaders in their congregation. One of the things he learned was from a restaurant owner who opened multiple locations. The owner warned him that when launching a new campus, you always need a soft opening.

When you have a soft opening, you do a live service for a couple of weeks and ask your congregation not to invite any of their friends. Then, your congregation has the chance to become familiar with the new campus, and you are able to work out any kinks in the system. Then after a few weeks, you have your congregation gradually invite more and more people.

2. Pastors need to plan for retirement

One of the biggest tragedies in ministry is when a pastor stays longer than he is called or gifted to stay because of poor financial planning. Larry gives some very practical ideas on how to avoid ending up there, even in the low paying environment of ministry.

Some tips Larry shares are:

  1. Always save 10% of your annual income for retirement
  2. Always live below your means, not up to your friends
  3. Drive hand-me-down cars
  4. The more you make, the more you should give and save

3. You need more than one person who can “fly the plane”

In leadership, it’s so easy to hire helpers who can help make your burden lighter, not leaders who can make the organization bigger. Larry has learned that you should always have someone else who can totally run your organization in your absence, and give them chances regularly to do that.

One time when this came in handy was after 9/11. Larry was in Europe when it happened, and he thought about calling his team, but didn’t because he knew that he had hired leaders who were capable of making the necessary decisions. A couple of days later when he learned what they decided to do, it was better than anything he would have done if he would have been present. Never be the only one who can run your organization.

Quotes from Episode 308

I used to ask my professors if I could take them out to lunch, and I always learned a lot more at lunch than I ever learned in the classroom. @LarryOsborne Click To Tweet

I think you become a lot better leader when you become a broader person. @LarryOsborne Click To Tweet

We forget that almost everybody around us is living above their means. @LarryOsborne Click To Tweet

Financial freedom is the freedom from worry. @LarryOsborne Click To Tweet

Make all you can, give all you can, save all you can. John Wesley Click To Tweet

The millionaire next door doesn't look like one or live like one. @LarryOsborne Click To Tweet

Nobody was successful because they had a BHAG. They were successful because they had a big, hairy, audacious goal and the resources and skill set to reach that goal. @LarryOsborne Click To Tweet

Counterintuitive wisdom is learned late. @LarryOsborne Click To Tweet

All the traits you love in a leader, you hate in a child. @LarryOsborne Click To Tweet

Great ideas are usually done in a team of one to three. @LarryOsborne Click To Tweet

Most of us hire helpers to make the load lighter, rather than leaders to make the ministry bigger. @LarryOsborne Click To Tweet

Young, hungry, and teachable is far more valuable than experience. @LarryOsborne Click To Tweet

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CNLP 308: Larry Osborne Spins Gold on How to Connect with High Capacity Leaders, Why People with Low EQ Dominate Meetings, and Why All the Traits You Hate in a Child You Love in a Leader

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