CNLP 295: Rich Birch on Whether Multi-Site Has Peaked, What You Need to Succeed as You Add Locations, and Some of the Keys to Sustained Growth

Has the multi-site movement peaked? What’s next for church leaders and other organizations that want to expand and add locations?

Few leaders understand multi-site as well as Rich Birch, and in this interview, Rich opens his notebook on decades of lessons helping mega-churches expand, grow and reach more people.

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3 Insights from Rich

1. Technology is changing the way we do things

Technology enables us to do some pretty amazing things. Instead of forcing people to drive to us, technology enables us to go to them through things like online church and multi-site locations. Instead of being restricted to one zip code, we can go to multiple zip codes. And while there are differing opinions about technology and the Church, we can see it as an opportunity to reach more people rather than an obstacle.

So, ask yourself these questions:

  • What am I doing digitally to help reach more people?
  • Why is it that people come to us?
  • Is there a way for us to replicate that in multiple locations?

2. Multi-site isn’t just systems and processes replication; it’s culture replication

Site multiplication can be made harder if you don’t invite the right people. Rich says that the mistake most churches often make is they find the “innovators”—people who love to try new things but will not help your campus long-term. He says what you need are “middle majority people”—those who are going to stick and stay in the long run, who are going to slow down and say, “Yes, I would love to be here for the long haul.”

Volunteers are also key to site multiplication. But make sure your volunteer experiences are relationally-driven not task-driven. We often think we need people to do stuff. We need them to check stuff off a list, whatever that is. To show up and be the greeter. To set up an environment. To run a camera. To watch kids in the nursery. But that only motivates a small number of people. Most people are motivated by, “Am I known? Does someone know me? Are they caring for me? Are they slowing down for a moment and getting to know me better? Is this the kind of place that I can grow?”

3. Should you multiply?

A recent study by Warren Bird from Leadership Network shows that churches reach all the people they’re going to reach in the first five years. After five years, churches’ ability to reach new people drop off dramatically.

So, if you are growing or want to grow, Rich suggests you think about becoming multi-site. If you’re a church of 200 and growing, statistically when you look at effectiveness to reach new people, the issue seems to be multiplication.

Quotes from Episode 295

There's no doubt that technology is at the core of what's driving multi-site. @richbirch Click To Tweet

What are those pieces of technology that are underlying our culture that ultimately are changing the people that we're trying to serve? And what difference is that making in the way we deliver what we deliver? @richbirch Click To Tweet

If you're thinking about launching multi-site campuses, you have to build large and strong core groups, large teams of people who are going to go and make this thing happen. @richbirch Click To Tweet

A recent study shows churches reach all the people they're going to reach in the first five years. @richbirch Click To Tweet

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CNLP 295: Rich Birch on Whether Multi-Site Has Peaked, What You Need to Succeed as You Add Locations, and Some of the Keys to Sustained Growth

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