CNLP 289: Tim Lucas on Reaching Cynical Unchurched Young Adults, Launching What Would Become a MegaChurch in an Unchurched Region, and Surviving His Brush With Burnout

Tim Lucas mentally disconnected from the church at age 14, and never expected to be back…let alone plant a church. But as a Bible study Tim and his wife led grew into a church plant, Liquid Church New Jersey was born.

Tim not only shares the fascinating story of Liquid—including the strategy he used to both share the Gospel and get past the cynicism of young adults living near NY—he also talks about the rhythms he embraced running a church of 5000 with 7 locations after he had a brush with burnout.

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3 Insights from Tim

1. You can see great results by doing helpful and loving events that nobody would expect the Church to do.

The Church has a reputation for being predictable. We do the same events, support the same causes, and sing the same style of music every year. As we’ve done this, the church has lost relevance to speak into the culture around us. Liquid Church has seen great return on doing things that nobody would predict a Church to do.

A couple of unexpected and unpredicted things that Liquid Church has done that have gone viral are going to a gay pride parade and passing out water bottles, and hosting a “sleep in” in their church parking lot where they donated 25$ for every person that came and slept in a cardboard box overnight. Both of these events got a lot of people talking about their church and even drew the attention of their local news sources.

2. Modern preaching needs to transcend a logical lecture and become a visual event.  

The format of preaching hasn’t changed for centuries. The 3 point lecture format has worked for a long time, but as the medium that our message is communicated through changes, our method of communication needs to change with it. Tim began to learn this because more and more people are watching Tim’s sermons online. He is also beginning to see our culture become more and more visual with the rise of Instagram and Pinterest.

That shift has required him to have an A+ visual experience with each message that he preaches. Every sermon, he tries to visually engage each audience member’s left and right lobes of their brains. He does this with a 3 winged strategy. His strategy required him to have Story, Symbol, and Scripture in each sermon he preaches. He has seen that: “When you take a concept out of scripture, marry it to an image, and then you connect it to an emotion, it burns in people’s brains, and they remember it forever.”

3. Keeping the Sabbath is an investment a church can’t afford not to make.

Early on in the process of planting Liquid, Tim went through a season of personal burnout. He was working extra hours seven days a week and eventually began to see that he was neglecting his family in the process things continued to get worse. Eventually, his wife confronted him about his overworking and said: “You love the church more than me.” Tim was shocked and had realized that he made the church his mistress and that he needed to change.

Of all of the changes he made, Sabbath-keeping is by far the most important. Now, He has a personal rule with his wife and kids where no matter how late he works on Thursday night, be will wake up at home on Friday morning and not talk about Liquid or anything work-related for a full 24 hours. This has allowed him to intentionally slow down and spend much-needed time with his wife and kids. As a result of him starting this, all of Liquid has adopted this as a church-wide rule. they refuse to become a 7 day a week organization.

Quotes from Episode 289

When you take a concept out of scripture, marry it to an image, and then connect it to an emotion, it burns in people's brains, and they remember it forever. @pastortimlucas Click To Tweet

The scriptures are so rich. We're the ones who've neutered them. @pastortimlucas Click To Tweet

We have actually said that we're going to reach fewer people, but we're going to disciple our leaders better and healthier for the long haul by observing the Sabbath as a church. @pastortimlucas Click To Tweet

As preachers, we have to be able to communicate visually. @pastortimlucas Click To Tweet

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CNLP 289: Tim Lucas on Reaching Cynical Unchurched Young Adults, Launching What Would Become a MegaChurch in an Unchurched Region, and Surviving His Brush With Burnout


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