CNLP 239: Jon Gordon on Dealing with The Negative Voices in Your Head, Negativity in Your Organization and How to Stay Positive

At age 29, Jon Gordon’s wife told him she loved him but couldn’t stand his constant complaining and negativity.

He decided to change. His decision led him to radically change his mindset. He became a Christian. Now he consults on positivity with NFL teams, Fortune 500 companies and top leaders around the world.

Jon outlines practical ways to stay positive, including how to silence the negative voices in your head and the negative voices in your organization. He regularly appears on CNN, Fox and Friends, The Today Show and more, and has authored 16 books.

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3 Insights from Jon

1. Drown out negative thoughts with positive words

When you hear negative thoughts in your head, you must realize that they are not coming from you. Who would ever CHOOSE negative thoughts over positive ones? They are lies from the enemy.

The key is learning how to talk to yourself instead of listening to yourself. Drown out the fear based thoughts inside your head with positive, prayerful words of truth and encouragement.

Negativity is a spiritual battle, and once you understand that, armor yourself with God’s truth to help you overcome the lies you hear inside.

2.  High performing teams have common characteristics

Shared Vision: Great teams know where they are going and why they are going there.

Positive Attitudes: Great teams stay positive through adversity.

Connected and Committed: Great teams share a belief, trust and optimism that connects them and creates commitment.

Difficult Conversations: Great teams strive towards excellence by having difficult conversations that are demanding, but not demeaning.

3. Address energy vampires with love

Every team has energy vampires – the people who suck the life right out of a room. They are often focused on themselves and bring the team down. One of the biggest mistakes leaders make is not dealing with the negativity fast enough (or at all), because allowing it to exist can totally sabotage an organization.

So what’s the best way to address energy vampires? Challenge their negativity with a positive, loving attitude. Try to help them see that they are capable of offering so much more to the work culture by transforming them with love, empathy and guidance. Give them the opportunity to change, but be clear that if they are unwilling to improve, they will not be able to stay on the team.

Quotes from Episode 239

You can't be stressed and thankful at the same time. @JonGordon11 Click To Tweet Everybody wants commitment on their team, but you will never have commitment without connection. @JonGordon11 Click To Tweet We don't give up because of the challenge, we give up because we get discouraged. @JonGordon11 Click To Tweet Leadership is a transfer of belief. If you, the leader, are not believing what's possible, if you're not positive, your team will never be positive. @JonGordon11 Click To Tweet

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CNLP 239: Jon Gordon on Dealing with The Negative Voices in Your Head, Negativity in Your Organization and How to Stay Positive


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