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CNLP 227: Terry Smith on Sharing Ideas With Jack Welch and Why Becoming a Hospitable Leader is the Key to Creating a Thriving Organization

Terry Smith was speaking at an event on a principle that was so compelling to Jack Welch, he asked Terry to teach him more. Terry tells the story of how he became friends with Jack and Suzy Welch, and unpacks that idea for you.

We also discuss how to become a hospitable leader and how that can transform your entire church, company or organization.

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3 Insights from Terry

1.  Hospitable leadership is more comprehensive than basic hospitality

Hospitable leadership is more than an impressive, all-smiles first impressions team or a welcoming, coffee-scented lobby. It’s more comprehensive than that.

The hospitable leader follows the methodology of Jesus – the most successful leader in the world. Jesus created environments where he could more effectively influence people and led from a perspective of hospitality that exercised influence physically, spiritually, emotionally, attitudinally and communicatively.

2. A hospital leader welcomes 5 key values

Home – A hospitable leader creates a sense of home, where the heart is warm, because when people’s hearts are warm they are more open to being led.

Strangers – A hospitable leader loves loving strangers, because God often uses strangers as messengers.

Dreams – A hospitable leader is focused on helping the dreams of the followers come true, while at the same time, coalescing everyone around organizational mission so that the dreams of the organization come true.

Communication – A hospitable leader communicates life-giving truth that people are willing to hear and receive.

Feast – A hospitable leader lives a hopeful, happy, purposeful life that influences a feast-like environment on others.

3. Hospitable leaders take a second look at their personal assumptions 

A common blind spot Terry sees in leadership is when people forget to check their own assumptions about others around them. Leaders often assume everyone involved in their churches or organizations think and feel the same way they do. They fail to take the time to listen to the voices who may look, think, eat, live, pray and vote differently than them. These leaders are missing out on opportunities to expand their influence by not being empathetic and open to understanding the experiences of others.

Quotes from Episode 227

When you create an environment where people genuinely feel welcomed, they will be more inclined to give you permission to lead them somewhere. @terry_a_smith Click To Tweet

I don't think it does any good to welcome people into an environment where truth isn't spoken. @terry_a_smith Click To Tweet

When the people in your organization know that you get up everyday to help them see their dreams come true, they typically fall all over themselves to help your dreams come true. @terry_a_smith Click To Tweet

We have a mandate from God to love the stranger. Not only to love them but to show them hospitality. When we do that, we're joining with Jesus in breaking down the dividing walls of hostility. @terry_a_smith Click To Tweet

If you're going to throw a feast for your followers, you have to live the feast. We can do the most serious work in the world, but we do it better when we have a thread of feasting in our life. @terry_a_smith Click To Tweet

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CNLP 227: Terry Smith on Sharing Ideas With Jack Welch and Why Becoming a Hospitable Leader is the Key to Creating a Thriving Organization

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