CNLP 208: Dana Spinola on Following Your Dream, Scaling a Business and Coming Back After Burnout

When Dana Spinola was asked at age 5 what she wanted to be when she grew up, her answer was simple – “the best.” That drive pushed her on to many things, including launching her own company, Fab’rik, which has grown from a single boutique in Atlanta to over 40 stores in over 10 states.

She talks about following her dream, scaling her business, becoming a Christian, burning out and bouncing back.

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3 Insights from This Episode

1. A hard NO forces you to reevaluate the plan

When you get a hard no it can feel defeating. Why don’t they see your vision? Why can’t they give you a chance?

But no can turn a frustrating situation toward a better, clearer direction. No forces you to reevaluate your plan. No can bring your break through moment.

2. Great service doesn’t cost a thing

Running an organization requires a long list of expenses that add up quickly, but there’s one big piece that doesn’t cost a thing – treating others with a servant’s heart.

Being good to people is completely free, whether that’s the way you treat your staff or how your team interacts with the people they serve.

When leaders are wowing others with kindness two amazing things happen. Great people want to work for them and loyal customers want to return. Those two returns are priceless.

3. It’s not about finding balance, it’s about being present

Last year, Dana needed to take a break. For too long, she had been scared to tell anyone that she was crashing. She worried what others would think when she confessed that all of her success felt like too much to handle. Ever been there? I know I have.

Leaders often feel like they have to be strong all the time, as if admitting exhaustion is some sort of weakness. But when you open up and give others the opportunity to rally around you, the heavy weight of feeling alone will go away. You’ll feel more support than you could have ever imagined.

Coming out of her rest, Dana now realizes that it’s not about balance – you can’t predict your days. It’s about living in the present – being all-in where you are today without worrying about what’s next. Plus, she now has her team and family looking out for her so that she stays on the other side of burn out for good.

Quotes from This Episode

How to Navigate the Interior Journey of a Leader

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CNLP 208: Dana Spinola on Following Your Dream, Scaling a Business and Coming Back After Burnout

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