CNLP 190: Nick Vujicic Answers the Questions No One Usually Asks Him, and What He Believes Will Turn a Nation Around

Nick Vujicic has been interviewed hundreds of times by people, including Oprah Winfrey about being born without limbs, and his story has been told thousands of times.

Sometimes your life can be defined by one incident or condition. So in this interview, Carey asked Nick about all the things he rarely gets asked about, like his family, how to preach the Gospel and what he thinks will turn a nation around spiritually.

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Be the Hands and Feet by Nick Vujicic

Stand Strong: You Can Overcome Bullying by Nick Vujicic

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3 Insights from This Episode

1. Invite people to church and avoid hurting them with false expectations 

The best way to get the unchurched into a community of believers is to invite them. Yep, it’s as simple as that. But we need to be very careful about our message.

When we take our eyes off of Jesus and give false expectations people get hurt. That hurt can cause a lifetime of pain and confusion about God’s love.

2. Knowing who you are in God can defeat depression 

Bullying and insecurity go hand in hand and are leading causes for the depression epidemic our youth is facing. Although there’s been a rise of campaigns to stop bullying, we need to go deeper and recognize the source of the problem in order to heal and change.

When you know who you are in God and only seek your value through Him, you not only live a secure life, but you appreciate and respect the lives of everyone around you – no matter how different they may be. That is the message our youth needs to be taught in homes, schools and churches. That is the message we need to be living out and exemplifying for the next generation.

3. Walk through the doorways before they close

America is one of the few countries in the world that is still allowed to publicly talk about God, but that door appears to be shutting. Nick believes there are two important doorways Christians need to walk through to spread the gospel before they close.

1. Bible Clubs in schools. There’s a way to creatively get involved in the school systems and share the Bible with youth. Nick recommends reading The Jesus Club by Brian Barcelona to find inspiration and courage to walk through this door.

2. Mobilizing the church. If one million people organized and rallied in a day of prayer and those believers all evangelized to twenty people in a day, twenty million people would hear the gospel of Christ. Imagine what could result from such a revival.

Quotes from This Episode

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  1. Veronica on May 2, 2018 at 4:28 am

    Thanks Carey, what an amazing message from Nick- truly inspiring.
    May our Lord bless you all.

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