CNLP 177: Todd Adkins, Eric Geiger and Carey Nieuwhof on The Lies Leaders Believe

So many leaders believe things about themselves and about leadership that simply aren’t true. Carey joins up with Todd Adkins and Eric Geiger from the 5LQ Leadership Podcast for a co-broadcast of this special episode. They tackle some key lies leaders fall for again and again.

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The Canadian Church Leaders Conference, Barrie Ontario, June 14-16th 2018

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3 Insights from This Episode

LIE #1: If I’m winning at church, but not at home I’m still winning

Success is so much easier to measure at the office than at home. Wins are tangible, results come faster, and ego is fueled by an earned sense of worth. If your ministry or business is thriving, but your home life is suffering, it’s not okay to justify the situation.

Yes, there are seasons where sacrifices are made, but they can’t go on forever and become the normal routine. If you have to choose between the two – choose to win at home. The ones closest to you shouldn’t get the lesser of your leadership abilities.

LIE #2: I have paid my dues and I deserve the perks

Many leaders struggle with feeling guilty about the benefits that can come from position or success. Maybe you’ve asked yourself What will people think if I:

-Buy that nicer car or house?

-Accept the amazing tickets to the sporting event?

-Upgrade to business class on that long flight?

These aren’t bad things, but you need to have a clear handle on what’s motivating you. Are you working for the perks? Do you feel you’ve earned or are due a certain status? Are you wanting to show off your success?

Guard your servant heart, have someone keep you accountable and remain humble for the gifts you receive. When you stop questioning your motivation and start feeling entitled, that’s when there’s room for concern.

LIE #3: My secret sin doesn’t matter

Unconfessed sin in the life of a leader will steal your confidence. As it builds overtime, the sin multiplies – pulling you further from God and destroying an authentic relationship with Him and everyone around you.

Your sin does matter and keeping it a secret makes everything worse. It’s just not worth it.

Quotes from This Episode

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  1. mark kamondi on February 8, 2018 at 4:55 am

    Every single time i read your podcast have not remained the same again

  2. Salawu Kolawole on January 30, 2018 at 4:18 pm

    I must confess that since I came across your site while doing a survey to make a presentation for my church in nigeria, My life has not remained the same
    Your posts are full of wisdom and practicality in very key areas as regards church
    Thank you for setting the pace sir and giving us direction
    Ive made reading these posts part of my daily to-do’s
    God bless you sir

  3. Bill Fikes on January 30, 2018 at 3:41 pm

    Loved the podcast!
    Lies 1 and 2–syncs with Keller’s commentary on Judges really well (especially the dysfunctional leadership of Gideon). Entitled leaders think that their victories belong to them and not to God. Unfortunately, that’s me more than I want to admit.
    Fortunately, repentance and faith can fix that…thank God!!!

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