CNLP 016: How Anyone Can Become a Better Communicator — An Interview With Jeff Henderson

Can anyone become a better communicator?

Jeff Henderson thinks so.

Whether you speak every weekend or are simply trying to improve your presentations in the boardroom, Jeff shares what will kill your next presentations or talk and what will make it great.

Welcome to Episode 16 of the Podcast.

Jeff Henderson

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Resonate: Present Visual Stories that Transform Audiences by Nancy Duarte

Argus – an iPhone app to track activity for fitness and weight loss goals

Evernote – a workspace for daily projects that keeps everything together

3 Things You Can Do Right Away

Communication affects your entire life. If you want to grow your leadership, the ability to communicate is a skill that’s non-negotiable and gives you an edge. Here are three things that can help you

1. Be focused on helping the audience. If you’re more focused on helping the audience, and less focused on yourself, that creates empathy between you and the audience. It’s the one thing that’s often overlooked with communicators, but applying it can take your message from mediocre to memorable. Empathy is being able to stand in someone else’s shoes and connect with that person. The key is to channel someone’s mind as well as their heart.

2. Get ahead. The ‘what-am-going-to-preach-about-this-Sunday?’ game has to stop. Start planning and writing your series weeks—even months—ahead. While that sounds impossible, it’s not. Here are two ways to do it.

1. The next time you’re not speaking on a Sunday, write a message anyway. Then you’re always one week ahead. Continue this at several points over the year when you’re off, and you’ll be a month ahead before you know it.

2. Join the community at Preaching Rocket. You can start a free trial now, and Jeff will walk you through specific steps on how to get ahead (and drill into far more detail than we could on the podcast interview on all things related to speaking.)  You can click on my affiliate link here to get a free trial offer.

3. Introduce a likability factor. You want people to understand that you’re a real person. Make the connection that humanizes you with your audience, and bring them along on your journey. Tell a personal story, find common ground or share something that makes you ‘human’. Remember, if you preach out of your weakness, you’ll never run out of material. Sharing stories that connect with the listener shrinks the gap in the room.

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CNLP 016: How Anyone Can Become a Better Communicator — An Interview With Jeff Henderson


  1. Chris Shumate on January 7, 2015 at 5:51 am

    Carey – Regarding point #3 and the likability factor, it is very much needed. I have been in services while visiting other churches, and even listening to sermons from pastors (it’s a part of my grow plan), where they seem to preach over people. It’s like they’re bringing the hell fire to people to the congregation while at the same time ignoring any struggle they have. There is simply no likability factor. They are harsh.

    I love how real my pastor is with the congregation about his past and even many of his struggles. He certainly shows his humanity to the congregation. As a result people with similar backgrounds to him are coming to Christ, realizing their need for Him.

    Likability is one of the big things I see in your blog posts too. You share the struggles you have (had) and want to get better. In turn it is a way to give readers (me) permission to admit struggles and want to get better too.

    The likability factor is a win-win not only in leadership, but in all aspects of life.

    • Carey Nieuwhof on January 7, 2015 at 7:04 am

      Chris…well said. Likability and authenticity are deeply related, and I think you’ve helped us see a valuable link. Thank you!

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