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CNLP 149: Kris Vallotton on the Rise of Bethel Church, Bethel Music and Reaching Young Adults Through Charismatic Ministry

Kris Vallotton talks about the incredible rise of Bethel Church, how to create a music culture like they have for Bethel Music, the number one need young adults have and how to meet it, and how God is using charismatic ministry to impact the most unlikely people.

Welcome to Episode 149 of the podcast.

Kris Vallotton

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3 Insights from This Episode

1. There’s a difference between the next thing and a new thing

The next thing is a continuation of what you’re already doing, but a new thing means completely changing. And leading through change is hard—even Moses couldn’t lead people from one season to another. That’s because what you did in the wilderness isn’t always what you’ll do in the promised land.

When churches move from one way of doing things to a different way, people leave. And that’s okay. Everybody who’s in your church right now signed up for the way it is, so when you change a lot of them leave. The greatest resistors of the new thing are the people who succeeded in the old.

2. Developing and nurturing a music culture 

Bethel has been successful at building a music culture because they understand that creatives need to be nurtured differently than other teams. Creative people need unique environments where risk is valued and schedules can be flexible. They need the freedom to trace a vision through a field.

3. People need people

Everyone is looking for a place to belong. Millennials are growing up starving for connection.

We do life virtually now. We have virtual personality profiles, with virtual conversations, attend virtual church and can live an entire life alone with a phone. And then we wonder why we’re starving for connection. We can’t find out who we are or what we’re supposed to be doing by ourselves, we find that through people.

People come to church for all kinds of things, but they stay for family.

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  1. James on August 9, 2017 at 2:43 pm


    I grew up in a Charismatic context and had a great experience with the church I was raised in. The Lord brought me to a Presbyterian tradition where I now have mostly “linear, didactic days.” I was pleasantly surprised that you chose to interview Kris and am grateful for your decision to have him as a guest. Just wanted to say thank you.


  2. Steven Kozar on July 25, 2017 at 9:54 pm

    Does this guy actually read the book of Acts?? He says that three-quarters of the Book of Acts are miracles and responses to miracles, so we should all do lots of miracles like they were constantly doing in the Book of Acts… except that it’s not true. I have a Bible and I can see what it actually says. Vallotton also teaches the Word of Faith heresy that we can speak things into existence just like God: “My words become worlds.” And he says we can “live from the third heaven?” Wow.

  3. Bret on July 22, 2017 at 2:26 pm

    No clear Biblical texts and doctrine from Paul or any of the other Apostles for what Kris said. Proof texting Ezekiel and misinterpreting the New Covenant? Assuming God’s working sovereignly in the book Acts to be normative for today?? I know Bethel has its own apostles? Not a good emphasis for young believers to chase experiences. Not a church to emulate in today’s emotional, Biblically illiterate, culture. Satan counterfeits and distorts.

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