CNLP 147: Terry Linhart on How to Become a More Emotionally Intelligent, Self-Aware Leader

What’s the difference between an effective leader and an ineffective one? Often it’s self-awareness, and the willingness and desire to become a more emotionally intelligent leader. Terry Linhart shares from years of experience as a pastor and now professor on how to grow your EI and self-awareness as a leader.

Welcome to Episode 147 of the podcast.

Terry Linhart

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3 Insights from This Episode

1. Self-Aware leaders stay faithful to God’s call

We know in our heads that God has a calling for us, but is that what we chase?

Leaders who aren’t self-aware let their insecurities control what goals they go after. They want to deliver the best sermon at a church that’s getting bigger and bigger. And for awhile, it works. But what about when it stops? What happens when people stop reading your blog, or book, or attending your church?

Self-aware leaders follow God’s call. And if and when things fail, it might still sting… but they know they were being obedient. Not just chasing after bigger and better.

2. Key emotions leaders need to identify to become more self-aware

Becoming self-aware is about knowing yourself. Do a quick self-assessment with the traits Terry listed. When do you feel them? Why? What triggers them? What can you do to combat them?

Joy: When and where you’re feeling true, authentic joy.  

Fear: One of the biggest drivers of decision. We’re more fearful than we want to admit.

Anxiety: Sharp reactions with situations, people and others.

Anger: The shadow side of drive that’s based in discontent.

3. Work from the edges of the puzzle

All leaders face conflict. Self-aware leaders deal with conflict different.

When you aren’t self-aware, and fear, anxiety and insecurity is fueling your decisions, you run right to the middle of the problem. You’re intention is good, but you need to develop a framework first. Terry likened it to putting together a puzzle. First, you find the corners. Then, the edges. Finally, you fill in the middle.

Self-aware leaders do is diffuse all of the emotions from conflict. It’s okay to sleep on things for one or two or three nights. Self-aware leaders can identify their emotions, know how they might impact conflict resolutions and remove them from the equation.

Quotes from This Episode

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CNLP 147: Terry Linhart on How to Become a More Emotionally Intelligent, Self-Aware Leader

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