Toni Nieuwhof

Toni Nieuwhof’s extensive experience as a lawyer, pharmacist, and church leader have given her unique and practical insight on how people grow, emotionally, personally and spiritually. Out of her practice in family law, Toni specializes in helping people leave their unhappiness behind, not their marriages.

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I Didn’t Sign Up For This:
How to Leave Your Unhappiness Behind Instead of Your Marriage

“I didn’t sign up for this!”
“I just can’t do this anymore”
“That’s it – I’m done!”

Ever said any of these things in the heat of the moment? If your heart’s telling you your marriage is over, but part of you isn’t sure, then listen up. Most couples who are struggling are at risk of deciding to split without seeing clearly what lies ahead. You may split, only to find you traded one source of pain for another. Hear from a divorce attorney about what really lies ahead with your only three options: to split, to survive or to save your marriage.


The Struggle Is Real:
7 Keys To Turning a Bad Marriage Into a Good One

Jesus said, “love one another”, but how do you respond to a command to love? The secret to success starts with putting your obedience ahead of your emotions. Discover what it takes to transform your marriage from that bad to this good.

How to Move Past those Hidden Barriers Holding You Back
Most of us get stuck at some point—emotionally, spiritually, physically, in your marriage or in your job. You've tried a few things to make your life feel more fulfilling, but you still aren't making progress. Why not? Sharing from her personal story and professional experience as an attorney and Christian leader, Toni Nieuwhof shares the key changes you can make to help you move past stuck into real and lasting life change.

Hear What People Have to Say About Toni

“I was so glad to have Toni speak at the Future Forward Conference in Pittsburgh.  Her honesty and transparency really encouraged the hundreds of leaders gathered. Toni is one of those unique speakers who builds trust quickly with her audience and then shares from the richness of her experience in a way that makes a real impact on people’s lives.”

Lee Kricher

Founder, Future Forward Churches

“Toni is a wonder of truth and humor which not only challenges but brings so much encouragement.”

Christy Wimber

Author, International Speaker and TBN UK Journalist

“Toni Nieuwhof is brilliantly articulate and communicates with compelling honesty. We had Toni as a featured speaker for marriage and parenting conference at Community Christian Church in Chicago and she was a tremendous encouragement and inspiration to our people. I highly recommend Toni to you.”

Dave Ferguson

Lead Pastor of Community Christian Church

More About Toni

Toni Nieuwhof is an attorney, pharmacist and church leader who, along with her husband, Carey Nieuwhof, founded Connexus Church north of Toronto Canada. Already a published author in the legal field, Toni’s first general release book on marriage will be published in 2021. Toni has spoken in front of leaders in Canada, the US and around the world about marriage and relational health. Her practice as a divorce attorney and her extensive experience in ministry have given her a unique vantage point and a passion for serving couples who want to leave their unhappiness behind, not their marriage. Throughout her professional career, she has also spoken to audiences in her fields of pharmacy and law.


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