Jeff Henderson

Jeff Henderson is leading voice on how to create and grow momentum for organizations and leaders. He has launched three thriving churches in Atlanta, Georgia, author of the business book, “Know What You’re FOR,” led Chick-fil-A’s National Marketing Strategy and coached thousands of communicators through his online coaching programs.

Jeff's Most Requested Topics

Vision is a Team Sport
When there is confusion in the office space, there is confusion in the marketplace. The key to momentum for any organization is to ensure everyone knows the why behind the what. When you lose your why, you lose your way. When the team understands the vision and the role they play in bringing it into reality, the organization gains momentum. In this presentation, Jeff provides practical steps on how everyone can participate in carrying the vision forward. After all, the more vision-carriers you have, the more vision-casters you have.

The Two Questions that Grow Your Business
“How did you hear about our business?” We’ve all taken marketing surveys like this and there are the usual boxes to check such as television, radio, print, billboard and social media. And yet, the box that is always checked the most is the Other Box. We all know what Other is. It’s the most powerful form of advertising and marketing – positive, word-of-mouth advertising. The problem with this is that it seems so elusive, even mysterious. It’s why most organizations settle for paid advertising. In today’s world though, a business isn’t what it tells customers it is. A business is what customers tell other customers it is. In this presentation, Jeff takes the mystery out of word-of-mouth advertising and shows how your organization can leverage this powerful, cost-effective tool to grow your business. Based on his book, Know what you’re FOR, Jeff will show you how to create loyal enthusiasts for your organizations and how to empower them to grow your business.

How to Make Your Next Presentation Your Best Presentation
Eventually, leadership comes with a microphone. It could be in a boardroom, classroom or auditorium. At some point, we all have to communicate our ideas. And the better we communicate, the better we lead. For the past 20 years, Jeff has been coaching business leaders, entrepreneurs and pastors on how to accomplish one simple, powerful goal: make your next presentation your best presentation. Through this practical, fun and proven presentation, Jeff will show your organization how to better communicate ideas resulting in greater momentum personally and organizationally.

What God thinks about when God thinks about you.
Most people think God is disappointed and frustrated with them. And we keep our distance from those we think are disappointed and frustrated with us. Jeff turns this thinking upside down and shows us the incredible news of what God really thinks about us. This is a great message for churches looking for a guest speaker on a Sunday. Jeff leverages his business experience and years as a pastor to connect with everyone in the crowd in a fun, powerful 35-minute message.

Parenting in a Hi-Tech World
In 2012, sociologists noticed a spike in anxiety and depression among teenagers. “We believe we have enough evidence to make an arrest of the smartphone,” said sociologist….. How do parents lead their children through this relatively uncharted world of smartphones and social media? Jeff and his wife Wendy offer best practices on how to do this through their own experience and in talking with dozens of other parents.

Hear What People Have to Say About Jeff

“There are not too many other speakers like Jeff Henderson. His incredible experience in marketing, business, and the Church, combined with his elite communication ability, makes Jeff a spectacular addition to any event or service. If you want great leadership content, Jeff Henderson is one of the best around!”



“Jeff is a captivating and compelling communicator. His insights are profound and his authenticity is evident in every presentation he makes. I’m always better after I hear Jeff speak!”



“I’ve known Jeff for a while now, and one of the most amazing things about him is how his mind works. He’s wired to think of others first. Maybe that’s because of his marketing background, or perhaps it’s because of his work as a minister but whatever the source, the result of his thinking is a lifetime spent adding value to others.”



“I may be Jeff’s current boss, but I promise you that I’ve learned as much from him as he has from me. Truth is, everyone on our six-hundred person staff has been directly or indirectly impacted by Jeff’s leadership, creativity, and unrelenting passion to communicate that we are genuinely FOR people.”



Jeff Henderson is one of the most gifted communicators I have ever heard. He’s brilliant with content, masterful in delivery, and his heart for people is as genuine as you’ll find. But even more than his giftedness is his character. Who Jeff is off the platform is just as impressive as who he is in front of thousands.”



“Jeff Henderson is a ROCK STAR!  He captivated the attention of 700 culturally diverse real estate professionals with a compelling keynote full of extraordinary humor, motivation, knowledge, and inspiration. Sharing his own life experiences to illustrate content application kept the audience laughing and engaged while learning impactful information. We are excited to have Jeff speak at our conference again this year!”



Books and Products by Jeff Henderson

Know what your for

Know What You’re FOR details an effective growth strategy for businesses and nonprofits by closing the gap between two simple questions: What do you want to be known FOR? What are you known FOR?

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Champion Tribes

Champion Tribes give busy fathers an intentional plan to invest in their middle school son's life.

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Study Guide

Do the people in your world know you’re FOR them? In this video Bible study,  Pastor Jeff Henderson points out God is FOR the people in our world. He is FOR breaking down unnecessary barriers that keep people away from experiencing his love.

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More About Jeff

Jeff Henderson is an entrepreneur, speaker, pastor and business leader. Since 2003, he has helped lead three of North Point Ministries churches in the Atlanta, Georgia area.  Jeff was recently named by Forbes Magazine as one of twenty speakers you shouldn’t miss.

Prior to serving as a pastor, Jeff worked in marketing for the Atlanta Braves, Callaway Gardens, Lake Lanier Islands, and Chick-fil-A, Inc., where he led the company’s beverage and sports marketing strategies.  Jeff has helped found several organizations including Champion Tribes, Preaching Rocket, Launch Youniversity, and the FOR Company, which helps businesses and churches grow through the FOR strategy.


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