Overcome The Challenges That Slowed Your Momentum In 2020

5 Skills Your Team Will Need in 2021

Is your team wrestling with:  

  • Creating content people actually read & watch?
  • Figuring out how to deepen online engagement?
  • How to make the right decisions for the future?

With everything that changed in 2020, you had to figure these out on the go. It left so many church leaders feeling exhausted… and maybe even a little burnt out. 

Although there’s no bullet-proof formula, The 2021 Church Leader Toolkit will give you and your team strategies, tips and lessons to tackle the upcoming year one step at a time.


The 2021 Church Leader Toolkit

A 5-week deep-dive to help you in the areas that matter most to have success in 2021. It’s a combination of videos & PDF’s that cover:

  • Week One: 5 Keys To Better Digital Preaching

  • Week Two: How to Produce Content That Actually Gets Read & Watched

  • Week Three: 7 Strategies to Deepen Digital Engagement

  • Week Four: How to Keep You and Your Team Out of Burnout

  • Week Five: 3 Key Pivots for Every Organization in 2021

A new topic unlocked each week

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Simple Strategies and Tips You Can Apply To Your Church Online

+ Lessons That Will Help Keep Your Team Healthy in the Process

Your church probably had Sunday nailed down prior to 2020. And it was pretty predictable. But when March hit the importance of online was instantly 10x’d.

With no clear date of when people will be able return to a typical, full room, in-person church service, your online presence is critical (plus, it’ll play an important role after that as well).

2020 left many churches and leaders exhausted, struggling with these realities:

You have an online following, but it basically stops there. There's no deep engagement.
You lost so much clarity and insight into people's lives, what they're struggling with and how you can help them. How do you figure that out again?
You're streaming online, but your numbers are all over the place. One Sunday it's 57 and the next it's 487.

Speaking from experience, it can be so difficult to figure out what works online and what doesn’t. Sure, there are some hacks and tactics that will make small differences, but most of it is trial-and-error and a ton of being honest with yourself so you and your team can develop and grow.

Over the years I’ve picked up some strategies and tips that seem to work online. Stuff that I use almost every day trying to keep my content meaningful, interesting and (hopefully) engaging.

That’s why I created the 2021 Church Leader Toolkit, to share what I’ve learned over the past 10+ years online and to give your team a head start. Plus, having gone through burnout myself, how you and your team can navigate 2021 in a healthy and meaningful way.


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Build On The Strategies, Tips & Lessons Throughout 2021 To Start Making Progress

Carey Nieuwhof


Hi, I'm Carey Nieuwhof. Best-selling author, podcaster, blogger and leadership expert.

I’ve taken my best strategies, experiences, lessons and tactics from 25+ years of leading organizations in high growth environments and put them into this course. There are so many lessons I had to learn the hard way. Thankfully you don't have to.

The 2021 Church Leadership Toolkit, will give you tools, strategies and practical tips to help you thrive in the up coming year. 

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