insecure leader

5 Signs You’re An Insecure Leader

Ever wonder if you’re an insecure leader? There’s a bit of irony in that question. Insecure people by nature wonder about things like that. I know that because part of my personal leadership journey over the years has been spent battling insecurity. It’s the same for many of us. Most leaders I know struggle with some level of …

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lead your senior leader

The 5 Best Ways to Lead Your Senior Leader

If you were in charge, everything would be different, wouldn’t it? But you’re not. At least not yet. So how do you effect change when you’re NOT the senior leader? How do you lead change when you’re a staff member or simply a volunteer? Because I’ve written on change, I get that question all the time. That shouldn’t …

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worship wars

5 Ways to Battle The Never-Ending Worship Wars

So let me guess: someone recently complained about the music at your church. It doesn’t matter what style of music your church features or how traditional or edgy your music is; complaining about music is almost a universal phenomenon in the church today. Some of that is generated by church shoppers (I outlined 5 characteristics …

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