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Introducing... the 30-day pivot

A 3-step process to keep your team action-oriented

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The characteristics your organization needs to thrive in uncertainty

The 30-Day Pivot is a simple 3-step process you and your team can utilize every 30, 60 or 90 days to position your organization for growth and success, especially through uncertainty.

Carey Nieuwhof has led teams through multiple pivots, and in The 30-Day Pivot, he shows you the strategy and framework you need to make quick, accurate and responsive moves that can position your organization for growth, even in the midst of deep uncertainty and change.

"Like other churches, our team realized that everything changed with COVID-19. Some of our recent strategic changes translated well into the “new normal.” Other strategies and programs either needed to be scrapped or retooled.

The 30 Day Pivot resource came at just the right time. Our leadership team used the content and the framework to re-imagine what our church will look like going forward. The course helped us identify obstacles and opportunities. It made the conversation easier to have. Thanks to these conversations, we believe our church is going to stronger than ever before."

Bobby McGraw - Speaker, Blogger, and Teaching Pastor at Sugar Hill Church

"Carey is the kind of guy you like getting data from. He's done hundreds of interviews with leaders. He’s led high performing teams in different ventures. He's collected the insights. He tells you what you need to know. But you never feel dumb learning from him."

Chris Lema - VP of Products at Liquid Web

"Carey is a leader of leaders. His podcast, books and teachings have had a profound impact on my life and leadership."

Mark Batterson - New York Times Best Selling Author

"Very few people have the giftedness of my friend Carey Nieuwhof. He has the ability to understand the importance and development of clarity, culture, processes, growth--all while communicating the purpose of the church."

Caleb Kaltenbach - Author of Messy Grace

What does your future look like?

No one predicted the unpredictability, uncertainty or instability of the moment we’re in. The culture is changing faster than ever.

Which means the model you had prior to the disruption of 2020 broke—either producing a fraction of the results it used or, or stopped working entirely?

What do you do?

Pivoting sounds like the right answer. But, in reality, it's much easier said than done. So many organizations struggle to move quickly and intelligently during uncertainty.

The future is uncertain. Yours doesn’t need to be.

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How The 30-Day Pivot Can Help You Grow

Your ability to pivot is completely dependent on your agility. In an unstable world, your agility determines your ability.

Master the framework for pivoting, and you’ll move past the obstacles to seize the opportunities quickly.

Here’s a case study.

One organization I know started 2020 with the goal to grow their already-large email list by 30%. That's a big goal.
Their growth was moderate through February but they were behind on their annual target. When the global crisis struck in mid-March 2020, they made an immediate pivot that saw an initial 100% spike in list growth.

After the initial pivot, they used The 30-Day Pivot to come up with a new strategic plan in just a few hours. They implemented their new strategy over a two-week window and upon launch saw an additional 400% jump in their growth rate.

Not only are they on their way to achieve 2020's goal, they're on track to far exceed it, and with it is record audience and revenue growth.

So, how did they do this?

They pivoted, and they did so quickly. Then they did it again.

The story few people are talking about is that, as tragic as the pandemic is, there are numerous organizations that are growing right now, not at the expense of other people, but because they're helping people. That should be your organization as well.


So...how will you move into the new normal stronger?

The answer? You'll pivot. And then you'll pivot again.

The 30-Day Pivot is the proven framework that will help your team and organization in as little as thirty days, and as often as you need to thrive, not just survive, as everything continues to change.

So, what's the difference?

Organizations that thrive during change and uncertainty approach things differently than organizations that fail or merely survive.

Here are the shifts that will happen for you when you keep pivoting:

Carey Nieuwhof

Your 30-Day Pivot Guide:
Carey Nieuwhof

Carey Nieuwhof is a former attorney, leadership author, podcaster, founding pastor of Connexus Church and frequent pivoter.

His leadership podcast and online content is accessed by leaders over a million times each month.

He is a sought after speaker and thought leader, appearing at conferences around the world including SXSW, Exponential, ARC and ReThink Leadership.

The Framework:

The 3-step PDF guide for you and your team to work through

Who you need to involve in the process

4 prompts to assess where you are at

10 questions you need to ask your team to spark new and innovative ideas

An implementation example

The Training Videos:

→ The 3 types of organizations and the characteristics of the ones that will thrive in the new normal

→ Leveraging crisis and uncertainty for innovation

→ The fastest path to irrelevance and how to avoid it

→ Application guide

Start making progress with the 30-day pivot

30 Day Pivot Bundle. Videos and PDF Framework.

Used by 1,000+ organizations and leaders...

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It matters to me that this makes an actual difference for you and your team...which is why I'm offering this guarantee.

If you're not satisfied with the quality of the content, or for any other reason whatsoever, just shoot us an email (support@careynieuwhof.com) requesting a full, immediate refund.

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