Lasting Impact – Team Edition (Discussion Videos)

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Lasting Impact Team Edition takes Carey Nieuwhof’s best-selling book, Lasting Impact: 7 Powerful Conversation That Can Help Your Church Grow, one significant step further.



So your church isn’t growing or reaching its potential, and you’re not sure why?

Maybe you’re focusing on the wrong issues.

In the Lasting Impact Team Edition videos, Carey Nieuwhof leads you and your leaders through a deeper discussion each of the critical conversations outlined in his latest book, Lasting Impact: 7  Powerful Conversations That Will Help Your Church Grow, plus he adds a bonus video on how to have the conversations you need to have without tearing your team apart.

Purchasing the Team Edition videos gives you instant, online access to all videos.

Videos include:

Bonus Session: How To Have the Conversation With Your Team

1. Why Is Our Church Not Growing Faster?
2. How Do We Respond As People Attend Church Less Often?
3. Are Our Leaders Healthy…Really?
4. What Keeps High Capacity Leaders From Engaging Our Mission?
5. Why Are Young Adults Walking Away From Our Church?
6. What Cultural Trends Are We Missing?
7. What Are We Actually Willing To Change?

Each video segment averages approximately 20+ minutes in length and is designed to set up team discussion, whether your team is your staff, leadership team, elder board or key volunteers.

You choose the team, Carey provides the content and sets up the discussion so you don’t have to as you tackle the issues to handle.

Lasting Impact – Team Edition (Discussion Videos)


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